Summer Still Going Strong

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer.” ~ Helen Hunt Jackson

Happy Hump Day!

While some might think summer has ended with Labor Day a couple weeks ago, school in full swing now, Pumpkin products strong at Trader Joes, and of course Starbucks debuting their fall line up of drinks, they would be mistaken. Of course I have always been a rebel without a cause, and while I am prepared for fall fashion, I am NOT prepared to say good-bye to the beach. Thankfully I am escaping for a long weekend (technically amidst the week) of sunshine and yes, still some summertime today. Definitely no Wednesday blahs for me!

I am ecstatic because I am off to wanderlust in a conpletely, utterly brand new place complete with a light house that is on my must see list. (yes I am a sucker for light houses) And maybe even do some sea glass hunting. Of course, after my haul a couple weeks ago, I am not sure I can really beat that! Reformed landfills really are a beautiful thing.

The incredible thing about this place is, I will be on an island. I have to take a ferry to get there and there are NO cars allowed. I am not even sure how great internet will be. Which after my detox a few weeks ago. I am perfectly okay with, just as long as we don’t become like Gilligan’s Island. I kid. Actually to be lost on a tropical island would be dreamy. Write all day on the beach. Soak up the sun. The simple things in life, even if it might sound ah la Castaway to some. I am excited. If nothing else I will be in my happy place, somewhere by the ocean sipping, a beverage with my laptop in hand as I write…Utter Perfection peeps.

What are you up to this weekend or really I suppose the rest of the week?

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4 thoughts on “Summer Still Going Strong

    1. I use to dream of that too! To sleep in a hammock out on the beach. Utter perfection! While this isn’t desolate, I am in love with the peacefulness. It really is Island time! <3

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