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Stepping Into Sausalito: Day Five

“How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for somewhere else.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller  Every time I think of Sausalito I think of being tucked away in an Italian village in the mountains. Taking the ferry and crossing the Bay is like entering a whole other world. It really is incredibly different from San ….

Pazza Notte: A Wanderlust Foodie Review

“I get way too much happiness from good food.” ~ Elizabeth Olsen When people come to the city to visit, their are several restaurants I have to take them too; Maison Kayser, Cascabel Taqueria, and Pazza Notte. Each eatery is so very, very different, yet equally scrumptious in its’ unique foodie way. Pazza Notte is the “Let’s be classy yet still get our ….

A Bronx Tale

“If you have something important to say, Broadway and New York are great places to say it.” ~ Yakov Smirnoff Being sick put a dent in my Thanksgiving week plans. Thankfully my man friend took pity and he and I decided to have a pre-Thanksgiving celebration taking in a Broadway show that is still in previews, but has gotten rave reviews. ….

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