The Art of a Good Under Pinning

“Who needs a handbag? I put my money in my bra.” ~ Neneh Cherry   

Under pinings (I love that old fashioned word) Get a raw rap. Whether it is bras, spanx, or underwear, it is a subject that can be considered taboo.

Yet, our under garments are probably the most important things we put on. While we can’t see what is underneath, it lays the foundation – or canvas as I like to say, for fashion is just that. Art – For what goes on top and how it flows.


If you have a great bra even a t-shirt looks incredible, but a saggy one with wire coming out of it? Forget it!

I had a Jesus Take the Wheel moment yesterday.

I am blessed to be able to wear strapless bras. In fact they tend to be all I wear (unless it is a sports bra, but does that really count?) as I am a huge fan of layering, and I always start with a camisole which makes wearing a bra with straps difficult. Thank god for the strapless brassiere.

I was a huge fan of the Ipex bra from Victoria Secret. The Ipex strapless was life changing. Alas they stopped making it unbeknownst to me, or I might have gone against my Type A morals and become a hoarder, buying all that was left, just to get me through the last ten years. Instead I just wore and rewore and wore out the three that I own. Until I was forced to cry Uncle and have a bra burning ceremony in their honor.

Yesterday, I finally caved and told myself I would not walk out of Victoria Secret without a bra. For the last couple of years I have searched high and low for something similar in style. I came across absolutely nada. For some reason, bra designers think that strapless equates to Marilyn Monroe bodacious.

After getting discouraged, I finally asked for help. A young assistant was quick to not only help me, but also reassure me that I would not be channeling Pamela Anderson.

Showing me their selection of multi-way bras which also translates into strapless. She showed me the brand new T-Shirt multiway bra.

I was hesitant, thinking doubtfully that it would not live up too my beloved Ipex.

Boy was I mistaken. Fitting much better – probably because it is new- I looked like a different woman underneath my clothes. And oh, how my clothes fit! Proof that a good brassiere does in fact work wonders for any woman.

Now the personal. I tend to be a 32 A or a 34 B. Since again Victoria Secret assumes it is the amply endowed of us who wear strapless (which in fact is wrong, it tends to be those of us with mosquito bites) these bras do not come in a 32 A. I was worried a 34 might be to big. But it fit perfectly.


With only slight padding underneath, it didn’t feel like a stuffed cushion in there. It had silicon on the inside of the band making it hard for the bra to slip down as well as four different lengths to clasp. The material was soft, but not silky or generic. Right in the middle which is refreshing for an everyday bra.

I could not be happier. It is proof that patience does pay off. Now lets just hope they don’t discontinue it. And if they do, they at least make a bill board so I can stock up!

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