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Firstly thank you so much to Nida from Shopaholic Blogs for nominating me for the Beauty Blogger award. If you haven’t checked out her blog, please do! Her posts are such fun reads, her tips right on, and her style second to none. I am so honored that she nominated me.

This may not be the Pulitzer Prize, but these nominations are so much fun. You get to discover other bloggers, learn something about the ones you already follow. But most importantly you spread the love and support! Who doesn’t need more of that in this world?  Now without further ado.

The Rules are as follows:

 ~ Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.

~ Answer the questions assigned to you.

~ Nominate your own makeup/lifestyle/fashion bloggers.

~ Frame 10 questions for your nominees.

~ Inform the nominees about their award nomination.

My answers:

Your favorite thing to eat? As a foodie and former chef this is really hard I love French food and tacos! I also consider coffee to be a food group for me. I might have a teensy tiny obsession with it.

List five beauty produts you use everyday: Dr Jarts BB creamTrader Joe’s antioxidant serum. Epsom salts. Jergen’s firming glow lotion.  My clarisonic with Clean Start foaming wash. Korres Equisetum 24h Deodorant which is literally the best and while the container is small, you get your moneys worth and the bonus of smelling like roses every day!

One tip for writing a great blog post. Be your authentic self because that is when you will be the most relatable.

If you could buy five things for free from Sephora what would you choose and why? When I find a brand I kind of tend to fall head over heels and not want to use anything else. I am obsessed with Dr Brandt and I have gotten free samples (bad move on my part, Great on Sephora’s) of his products. I am obsessed with his microdermabrasion skin exfoliant. Made my skin as soft as a baby’s. But it is so expensive! I also love his Do Not Age Skin care line (because I am getting old and have to prevent those wrinkles when I can!) But again the money tree is a bit out of reach. Amore pacific treatment peel, another product that did amazing things for my face. Bite Beauty Lush fruit lipgloss because I never go without color on my pout. LaVanila  Coconut Vanilla Body Butter because it makes my skin so soft byt not oily and it snells like heaven!

Perfume or body mist? Perfume. I prefer stronger scents. It also lasts longer and mixes better with my skin and scent.

One tip for making your makeup last through the day? Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder I have found works the best. As for lipstick, just don’t eat, drink, or talk and it will stay on! I kid about that last part.

straightening iron or hair dryer and why? Straightening iron, because even if I blow dry my hair, I still need to style it afterwards or I will be giving Hermione Granger a run for her bushy hair.

How have you improved as a blogger over time?  I have become more confidant and knowledgeable in and with myself and I think that shows in my posts.

Liquid eyeliner or pencil which would you choose state your favorite brand and why you love it. If  had to choose, pencil, I honestly don’t have a favorite. Gasps! I know. Currently I am using Buxom. I usually use powder eyeshadow so I can blend it easily. I use the smokey grey black from the Naked 3 palette.

A makeup product you wouldn’t use even if you got it for free  Dr Brandt ruby crystal retinol hydra creme. I love this brand so much (despite it making me contemplate selling kidneys) and I really wanted to love this product. Unfortunately I just couldn’t. It dried my skin out, so badly I could have sand papered a wall!

My nominees are:

Wanders and Musings

Babbling Beauty

Witty N Pretty

From fashion With Love

Your ten questions are: 

~ Red or nude lip color?

~ What city do you relate to most in terms of style?

~ What is your favorite fashion splurge purchase?

~ What is one beauty tip you live by daily?

~ What is the one makeup product you can not live without?

~ Who is your Favorite Designer?

~ Which do you prefer a face scrub or a cleanser and what brand do you use?

~ How has fashion influenced your life?

~ What is one fashion (it can be hair make-up or clothes) trend you regret?

~ What is your skin care regiment like, what brands do you use and why?

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8 thoughts on “The Beauty Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for the lovely acknowledgment 😇! Loved reading your answers 💕 If anti aging is your concern I highly recommend the filogra line it’s frightfully expensive too 💸 But most of their produts work as promised 💫😘

    1. Thank you for the nomination love!:) I had so much fun answering the questions!:) Ooo thank you! I am always up for trying new lines. Unfortunately I think all the good anti aging brands are. Apparently it is expensive to get old! Lol💗

      1. It sure is! I got my couch reupholstered today and when it was delivered I was thinking if only I could get my body redone firm and tight so easily 😳

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