The Beauty of Differing Opinions

And I think both the left and the right should celebrate people who have different opinions, and disagree with them, and argue with them, and differ with them, but don’t just try to shut them up. ~ Roger Ebert

In the last few days, after months of seeing “I am deleting anyone who is a supporter of: Insert politicians name here please.” I have begun to see friends who acknowledge even of they have differing views, they will not delete you.

I have to say it made my heart soar.

Like those who threaten to move, if so in so gets in to office, this country was not founded on cowardice. It was not founded on only like-minded minds, same opinions, religions and political parties.

It was founded on – and happily, openly celebrated those- differences. It rejoiced in those who were the rebel, and sipped coffee and ale, debating respectfully, issues of government and religion.

Democrats and Republicans use to get along. On the verge of sounding cliche, it was a beautiful thing when they did, and America was better for it.

Perhaps it is because of social media platforms and the internet, that lets us vocalize our opinions so loudly we end up screaming, which makes us so intolerant, we righteously condemn those who differ from us.

But we need to come together. If Orlando taught us anything, we need to celebrate and support our differences, instead of giving the middle finger salute, because someone dares to differ or disagree. That disagreement is how we grow. How we change ourselves and the world. The world is a melting pot. We are better for that. We are not better when we only interact or cut those who are different from us.

We all strive for the same thing; to make this country better and ultimately the world as a whole. We need to unite like and unlike minded people. That is how we solve problems. Not by bubbles and isolation, but by talking and debating and interacting. One person at a time. Like and unlike, minded people together.

Jimmy Fallon said it best in last Monday’s monologue. I will leave you with his wise words:

As always I welcome thoughts and opinions, including respectful disagreements or agreements. I love you all <3

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