The Craziness of Packing for a Trip or Three!

“He had a wonderful talent for packing thought close, and rendering it portable.” ~ Thomas Babington Macaulay

It is the most wonderful part of the year but also the most stressful. Not only have I just finished school and am now cramming for finals (eeekk) I also have to organize and pack for several trips.

Thankfully last year due to a crotchety back I splurged on another, albeit smaller, carry on rolling suitcase which is perfect for weekend getaways and not at all a back breaker!

It also makes it easier when I have to pack multiple bags for trips coming one after the other. Last night it literally looked like a bomb filled with clothing had gone off in my apartment. It was times like this, that I seriously wondered where all these clothes came from and how the heck I had fit them in my single closet and lone dresser. It is a two hundred square foot apartment!

I also had several quandaries going on in my brain. How the heck was I going to fit all this in my suitcases, but how I could even decide what to bring!

While I do have systems in place for my Type A personality, this time of year makes it difficult to plan due to Mother Nature’s mood swings, presents galore, and trips that dictate different dress codes. I was packing two suitcases, two carry ons, a box filled with shopping I had done for my madre and winter items because New Hampshire is flipping freezing this time of year. Plus, that stuff weighs a gazillion pounds! I also have to mail presents to various friends. The Postal Office, UPS, and I are getting to be very friendly this week.

No wonder my apartment is such a disaster! And I have to study in this pig sty. Times like this being a yogi really comes into play because I really am focusing on breathing right now!


Thankfully I decided to take on the packing hurdle AFTER my really hot super and really REALLY hot building manager came to inspect my apartment for the annual key check….While I was in the shower.

Yup you read that right. I could have been ridiculously embarrassed, but I decided to embrace it and they were both incredibly apologetic about the whole situation. Good thing I am low maintenance or them seeing me with wet hair AND no make-up? Eeeek! I would have to move out of the building!

While this week has been utterly crazy, and at times comedic, I am embracing it. In the end it will all come together, and if I forget something, well hopefully it isn’t to important. As a Type A and at this point in my travel career, a packing expert, there are three methods that help me with the zaniness.

One method to my packing madness is, I always try to begin to pack a week in advance. For me it cuts down on the over-packing. I always end up discarding various clothing as the week goes on. It also helps me remember if I overlooked anything. Because with most trips, I usually end up forgetting something. It is like a law of the universe.

I also try to color coordinate. Keep my neutral pallets to one whether it is tan, navy, or black. Especially this time of year, where boots and sweaters take up so much space! I also try to coordinate outfits. Making sure, any and all shorts can be styled not just once, but multiple times. I am no Mariah here. I will re-wear. You just may not recognize it.

Folding also is essential to packing. While it is easy (though again my Type A self screams bloody murder!) to just throw stuff into suitcases. Folding clothing whether it is origami style in a bundle or rolling them, cuts down on space and makes you able to fit more. Which is important during these cold winter months.

Despite the hecticness and constant travel of the season, I love it. I really do. There is nothing like visiting new and old places. This time of year it is made that much more sweet by reuniting with friends and family. And thankfully, if they are like mine, they don’t care if you forget an outfit or a whole suitcase.

What are your tips for packing? I love to hear from you my beautiful readers and I hope you are saying sane through out all the hustle and bustle! <3

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4 thoughts on “The Craziness of Packing for a Trip or Three!

  1. I’m flying cross-country today to attend a wedding. I’m checking my bag, but I’ve packed the dress I’ll be wearing to the wedding in a very small carry on. I figure if my bag gets lots or destroyed I can replace most basic items, but it took a lot of effort to find that dress so essentials that I can’t live without or replace at the destination get carried on.

    1. How fun. Enjoy! I hear you. Especially about that dress! That would be a disaster. I am the exact same way, though it does depend on the circumstances. I always check a bag (especially going home) but if I am going somewhere special I try to make sure that I at least have a back-up outfit, especially if I am flying long distance..No one wants to smell like stale airplane air 😉 Safe travels and have so much fun this weekend! <3

  2. LOL. This whole post is like story of my life during the holidays. And that story about your manager coming by- hahahhaah. Oh girl, tis’ the season for memories! Thank you for the tips! I need as many as I can get right about now. I usually just pay the darn fee for extra weight in the suitcase- whoopsss! My mom also ships any gifts back from Texas to Cali so we don’t have to accommodate those, so that does help a ton. HAPPY PACKING, darling! I can’t wait to hear all about the travels!

    1. Hehe I am glad you enjoyed this! I am still chuckling about my manager a week later. It really is! I love it! You are very welcome! I hope they help! That is amazing! What an awesome mom! 🙂 Mine does the same and it is such a relief. I have never been over, but I have come awfully close! (darn ice skates!;) Thank you! I made it suitcase intact yay! And yes! I am a little behind, but I will definitely be writing about all my adventures! I hope you have an amazing weekend! xoxo <3

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