What DO I Wear!?!? The Dos For Wedding Fashion

Ah love is in the air or at least it feels that way with Valentines Day last week and 61 degrees out this weekend. Warmer weather tends to make you dream of summer and  wedding season.

Wedding season you ask? Yes it is real. The majority of marriages take place in the summer months, with June being the biggest percentage in America. Let’s face it, sunshine, warmth, everyone has that glow, of course it screams weddings!

But weddings can be daunting on many fronts; You’re single, Your not single and have to introduce your date to everyone. The cost. What do I get the adorable couple? And for this posts purposes; What on earth do I wear?

And while to some it isn’t that big of a deal, as a fashionista, it is the most imperative question. Kidding of course. But here are a few tips to help make it less stressful.

First things first always look at the invitation. It should usually give a dress code, and if not use your critical thinking skills. What does the invitation look like? Where is the location? Time of day? Search out what the bridesmaids are wearing and if it is long or short? And most importantly don’t wear the color they are wearing. Huge taboo!

This is where I have run into trouble. I have two weddings coming up and both parties are wearing seafood blue, which is my favorite color and usually my go too. And as it is one of the popular colors of the season, I am shit out of luck this year.

Guess I have to go shopping. Oh darn!

My go to store for anything dressy is BCBG. Now you might shudder at the prices, but they aren’t unreasonable. As a deals girl I will wait for things to go on sale no matter where I shop, and at BCBG I am always getting emails. You can usually sign-up on their website and get notified on deals. I usually find a lot of dresses at quarter of their original cost. Especially since BCBG will do an extra percentage of sale items.



I found this devine pale pink sheath which is screaming my name. They also have it in a royal blue as well as the traditional LBD. I think I might pair it with cutout suede camel booties, I got last year from Ivanaka Trump.

A maxi dress is also one of my go tos. Especially because you can dress them up or dress them down. Victoria Secret use to have a gorgeous pleated maxi with adjustable straps (I might own it in about ten colors), but stopped making it last year (please start making it again!) but Nordstroms and various other stores including BCBG make similiar dresses.


In fact I was at a gala and someone was convinced this dress was designer and it only cost me sixty bucks! Fashion steal! Thank you Victoria Secret.

Then there is always the staple. The LBD. While you do have to be careful about material (if it is wool for a summer wedding, no Bueno) like with the maxi, you can always dress it up or dress it down. Which is essential if you are unsure about the dress code.

That is where accessories come in! They are everything. A glitzy necklace can distinguish between being en vogue or people thinking you are going to tea with the queen of England. Accessories are also the one thing that is easy to get rid of in those akward situations where you thought it was black tie but it was actually a hoe down. It is easy to slip off earrings or a necklace, put them in your clutch and voila you are saved embarrassment!

Last, but not least a great outfit is only made greater (and finished off) by a great pair of heels. I admit I am a glutton for punishment. At 4’10, the higher the heel the better. Of course by then end of the night you are probably begging for more booze to ignore the stinging pain that is your feet. Which is why I generally go to another staple (And something every girl should have) black stilettos. Mine are surprisingly comfortable, from Sam Edelman, I can literally dance the night away in them. I even ran to catch a taxi after my train broke down when I was going to see a Broadway show.

If you are a glutton for punishment, you can always bring a pair of flip flops for the dancing. In fact many weddings I have been too, have had a bin of flip flops. They have been a life saver!

No matter what remember, always have fun! And toast a martini to the happy couple in style!

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