The Emerald Gem of Rattlesnake Pool


I first came across this hidden gem through my friend Rachel’s Instagram pictures a couple years ago. Having a thing for waterfalls I knew it was a must and a need and definitely not a want to go here.

Even the name didn’t deter me and I hate snakes. I might be a mountain girl, but I am not always a fan of the mountain critters that come along with nature.

Ironically, the name is a misnomer, for there are thankfully no rattlesnake’s to be heard of, seen, and most definitely stepped on.

The cool thing about this place is that it isn’t very well marked. You literally need to know where you are going. I had wanted to go here for years and directions were scarce and confusing. So when my friend Rachel asked if I wanted to go here I jumped at the chance to cross another place off of my bucket list. And who would of thought it would be so close to where I live?


Rattlesnake Pond is part of Blueberry Mountain, which you can do a loop and hike to the mountain then the waterfall and pool or you can just hike to the waterfall which is what we did. Trail markings are scarce, but it is less then a mile to the pool with the hardest part being by the actual water.

I was absolutely blown away by not just the clearness, but the beautiful emerald green of the water. I also might have received shock from how cold the water is. We have had a hot summer, and while mountain rivers are always chillier then most other bodies of water, this was down right frigid!

If you are brave enough to go in, you can actually jump, dive or slide down from the waterfall into the pool because it is deep. I know I am short, but I would say it is at least nine feet deep if not more. While I generally have images of flesh eating fish and python sized snakes coming up and eating me like some horror movie in places like this, because the water is so clear you can see the bottom.

It definitely lived up to its hype and more. I can not wait to check it out in the fall with the foliage or even the winter when it has iced over.


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7 thoughts on “The Emerald Gem of Rattlesnake Pool

    1. Omg it was so green, but clear! Absolutely stunning! Yes I did! There are cliffs off to the side that you can jump off of and even a slide! It was freezing though! <3

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