The Epic StoryTeller Tour

Epic. Exhilarating. Amazing. Incredible. Those are only some of the words I have to describe the Carrie Underwood concert in Boston. My word repertoire is seriously underdeveloped by what I witnessed last night. I don’t even know where to begin.

I had seen her nine years ago, at a fair in Vermont. She was getting  ready to release her second album, Carnival Ride, and it was just her, a guitar and some bass. It was simple in the soulful way she showcased her voice, yet still rought with the emotions of a bourgeoning career.

Last night, was Diva Carrie in all her glory.  There was no mistaking that she was a superstore. The stage. Lightening. Back up band. Special effects. It was spectacular.

And her vocals. If you have listened to her music, you know she can sing.. Her voice literally sent chills through me. This is why I love live shows. The emotion, the vocal vibrations, it pierced the soul.

There is also something like seeing a performer live, that when you go back to a recording, the sparkle is dull in comparison. Nothing compares to the life version. We had amazing seats (front row, in loge 2)  We could see everything.

I always knew Carrie was a fashion goddess, but dang her outfits! And her shoes! I don’t know how she did it! I had on these great blinged out wooden boots I got at DSW and my feet were killing me after an hour. She was dancing and singing her way in stilettos for two hours straight! As a female, I am in awe.

Her band was also amazing. They were just as good and equally as talented. I wonder if they can give me some of that. The Swann Brothers and Easton Corbin opened for her. I knew some of their music but not a lot (courtesy of there being no country station in New York) and the energy the exhibited kicked the show off in grand fashion.

Due to Carrie’s energy (Whatever she is drinking can I have some?) and dancing around on the stage; my constant need to dance, the fog, and the fact I am never going to have a picture in Nat Geo, the pics didn’t come out great despite being close (come on Apple make a better camera!) but I still snapped away. Here are some of them.

It was truly a night to remember! I can not wait to see her again. Hopefully I won’t have to wait another nine years.


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