The Good in Social Media

“Social media has given us this idea that we should all have a posse of friends when in reality, if we have one or two really good friends, we are lucky.” ~ Brene Brown

I have found that the bashing of social media, has become a common theme amongst media platforms. In fact many of the people who bash social media do it on the sites they are bashing. I admit I can be a harsh critic of it. With the election in the states, it is especially hard to not be said critic right now.

It is a fine balance to not be sucked in to the negativity and vitriol of political posts or those that are just Debbie Downers, and appear to hate life all the time. Then there are the ones who are happy all the time (I use to be guilty of the last one). As with anything including social media, it is about that happy medium. Finding that common ground of just enough, but not to much.


It isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t Facebook or Instagrams fault. It is the people who use it. It is who WE surround ourselves with. My mom told my grandmother, who just joined Facebook so she could become more connected to her grand and great grand-kids, “It is what you make it. You surround yourself with who you want to be surrounded by.”

Which makes sense, not just on social media, but as well as life iutside the cyber world. WE pick and choose our friends. Are we so conceited, that we need thousands of friends, especially if it gets our blood pressure up and stirs the drama pot when we see a status we disagree with or dislike? Are we so intelligent that we then need to create social media wars to prove that we are right? Especially if we wouldn’t face to face?

No. We aren’t.

Social media is about connecting. Not in a hostile or narsscistic way. But in a way for close and long distance friends and family to keep up on what you are doing. To spread laughter with funny memes, and hijack threads with funny song lyrics. That IS the good.

I was reminded of that yesterday, when a six alarm fire broke out, a block from my apartment. Immediately I was inundated with texts and messages asking if I was all right and many took it one step furth inquiring if I needed a place to stay. The latter of which I was tempted to take my friends up on due to the piercing shrill of the sirens that had woken me up at three thirty in the morning and continued until eight when they finally got the inferno under control. Of course it was a small price to pay when I still had my apartment and more importantly my life. The show of not just support, but also love, from my friends and family who reached out gave me that emotional pillar I jeeded as well as let them know I was okay.

Further more, while I was trying to calm myself from yesterday’s stressful chaotic and ultimately tragic morning, I scanned my Facebook and glanced at my Time Hop. While I rolled my eyes at my annoying teenage self (I have had Facebook for ten years in my defense) I came across messages from my sister. Memories, that will forever live because of the GOOD of social media. Memories that were pick me ups which I needed yesterday of all days after the rollercoaster of events.

Every time I come across one, it is like I can hear her saying hello again. That she is thinking of me from my puffy white (actually it is probably pink) cloud. Messages and silliness, I wouldn’t have if there was no social media. Little reminders, that yup, my big sis is still around.

Yes there is a lot of BS on social media, but there is also a lot of good. It is what you surround yourself with. You can decide whether to hit like. Whether to accept friends. Whether to post divisive words or whether you choose to unite. To spread love and kindness. To honor people and remember.

You can be a hater or a lover.

I personally prefer to be a lover.

What do you choose? What are your opinions on social media? As always I love to hear from you <3

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2 thoughts on “The Good in Social Media

  1. Aww K., This is all so so well said. I think a lot of people really need to read this. I agree with you 100% on everything. It’s all about us, the users, finding our own balance. I think it’s definitely good essentially because, like you said, it connects us! It’s up to us to make sure that the connection is real and not some awkward illusion. Thanks for sharing your heart about your sister too <3 Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xo

    1. Thank you for your sweet sweet words and an insightful comment. It really is about finding that balance. We have the tools, but it is up to us on how we choose to use them. Thanks love. I am! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend as well! <3

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