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The Happiest Place on Earth isn’t Disney:

The Happiest Place on Earth isn’t Disney:

I should clarify at least for me.

My happy place feels like the end of the world. where earth meets heaven and you don’t know where the ocean ends and the sky begins. Where there is a fierceness and a power, but also an incredible beauty, as waves break against rocks so old that the Land Before Time was actually a reality albeit probably without the english and animation.

It is a place where your imagination can run deep. Where images of pirates, and battles. Of mermaids, and sirens exist. A different time and perhaps an alternate universe existed. It tells history, while giving pause to the future.

It is nature’s very own Ninja Warrior playground. Jumping over rocks, sliding like you are Tom Cruise in Top Gun, and using your arms to swing yourself over crevices like King Kong himself.

A place where you can sit and gaze for hours.


Upon hours.

Letting the sun moving in the sky keep track of time. Losing yourself in the movements. In the richness and smoothness of the rocks. Wondering about the stories they have witnessed and lamenting that if only they could talk, oh the tales they would tell.

Sitting there, feeling like you are the only one in the world. Well you and the seagulls and whatever magnificent creatures are dancing in the water. And it is perfectly alright. Because all is right in the world.

My happy place is peaceful. It is knowing that there are two beacons guiding my way. Acting as guardian angels of sorts. Mourning their docile sounds, yet still snugly anchoring me into a moment out of time.

It is a place that is Nature’s Disney World. Without the noise and craziness. Where the ends of the world really do meet when you walk through country roads, woods, and finally million year old rocks to the edge of water.


It is a place called Two Lights and it beckons us all there.

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  1. A search suggestion led me to your blog post here. It is quite nice! I admire people who can make being idle a positive tapestry of good feelings and calm.

  2. I love everything about this! Your style, the way you tell your story! Thanks for sharing I can’t wait to read more

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