The Joy in Personalizing a Gift

~There is only one real deprivation… and that is not to be able to give one’s gifts to those one loves most.” ~May Sarton

‘Tis the season for not only cheer, but to spoil your loved ones with gifts. I LOVE giving gifts. Uh What? No seriously. I love it even more then receiving a gift. Perhaps it is because I can justifiably spend money on the people I care about. Or because I love thinking about what they really want and imagining the joy on their faces when they open it.

I admit their are people that make it a bit of a tribulation to shop for. Whether it is because you yourself are just not a shopper and/or can’t think of what could be the most epic present ever. Or whether it is because the people you are shopping for are just plain difficult. growing up my brothers would fall into that category. Thankfully it has gotten better as we have gotten older.


Then there are those people who will buy what they think you like and it turns out to be a muffler or a scented candle that gives of an ominous scent that makes you wonder if they just got it at the bargain bin or if they really don’t know you. Then there are the people who buy what they like for you, perhaps hoping you will regift it to them? I kid. Kind of. You don’t want to be like them!

There are three different ways I buy my gifts.

First and foremost I try to buy what the person will really like or love. Even if it is a leopard print, fringed and beaded kaftan. If that is what the person likes that is what they will get. It can be hard. And there have been times when people have truly stumped me (my brothers) it helps if you know them. Or maybe just stalk their Facebook and Instagram pages.


If I am having a difficult time I will go a different route. Finding a present that has meaning. One I know might cause the recipient to ugly cry, which if that happens I know I have succeeded! In fact one of the greatest compliments I have gotten in my non disclosed number of years living, has been I give great gifts. And I give thoughtful gifts.

And if all else fails, I go down the fun route. What is the fun route you might ask? Well nerf guns, Light sabers, remote controlled cars, heck even board games can be fun. (Cards Against Humanity anyone?) And yes even for adults. In fact most of the time, the adults have even more fun the kids do. Last year, Santa got us all light sabers. Even me! Which made me super excited because usually I am the one giving the “fun gifts.” Let’s just say, the kids were acting more like adults, then the adults were. There might have been some couch diving, and running around the living room like crazy people. Hey Christmas brings out the kid in all of us after all!

While I can’t share what I have gotten people this year, I am super excited. And I admit it might fall on the fun side.

Wait What? We haven’t even had Turkey Day yet.


I know. I know. But “Early bird catches the worm I say.” I may or may not have started the day after Christmas last year.

Not only are you getting a jump start, but many times the deals are actually better the day after Christmas then on Black Friday. It also makes it easier to spread the shopping out through the year. I have a lot of people to buy for. I want to make sure they get what they like. Preferably without going broke or rushing because I have a hundred people to buy presents for and only a week to do it. This makes it much easier to do so.

I can not wait for Christmas morning, or I should say December since for me it really is a month long flurry of activity with friends and family spread out far and wide, for me to see. Because the best part of giving a gift, is seeing the joy on their faces when they open them.

What are some tips and tricks you have for buying presents?

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