The Last of Vacay and the Beginnings of 2017

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” ~ Jawaharlal Nehru

I have been seriously slacking in my blogging and writing in general. Between festivities, hiking and catching up with friends and family as well as traveling back to the Concrete Jungle phew! While I am a little late, it is always better then never even for this Type A perpetually on time lady to do a little recap.

Going back ALL the way to New Year’s Eve, much like a lot of peoples, it was low key. I had a friend ask me why I didn’t want to be in New York, and I think accidentally spit my drink in his face at the horror. (Kidding, but I may have been a tad traumatized at the question) While watching the ball drop in New York, IN person, IS on my bucket list…It is way way WAY down there. Once in this life time I will do it, but I also might have to be knocked out, brought there and woken up ten minutes before the ball drops.


Standing for hours like cattle with no bathrooms, is not very appealing to this girl. Nor is spending five hundred dollars at Olive Garden for light food and two drinks tempting either. So I stayed in New Hampshire and rang it in the only way I could when you are in the mountains. At my brothers new house, that epitomizes a snow lodge (and might be as big as) which also happens to over look the ski slopes AND had an amazing view of the fireworks (Which I forgot to take pics until the very last second. oops.) It was snowing, as it had done off and on all week, so the usually exquisite views were slightly hazy. But as I looked out at the valley I called home for twenty years, I felt my heart fill with gratitude.


I surprisingly did stay up, but just after the clock struck midnight, I rushed off to catch some snoozes for my annual New Years Day hike, which I did get to blog about here so all wasn’t lost in the blogging slacking world. By the way bonus points if you got the TLC reference.


With my trip coming to an end, the last few days of my visit and first ones of the year were spent packing and saying good-bye to friends and family, especially my sweet nephews and niece. It will be four months until I get back there, so I had to make it memorable!


The day I was suppose to fly home, was crappy weather. What was more their was a huge error with my ticket! Having an epic blonde moment, I had booked my tickets separately to save money and both of them were from JFK to PWM. Realizing my mistake, I quickly called JetBlue, before we traveled all the way to Maine for me to not have a seat.

Let me just say they have made me a customer for life!

Seriously. It was my fault. And they very well could have charged me through the nose. In fact I was expecting them too. Instead the woman talked to a supervisor, worked her magic and basically comped me a ticket. I only had to pay fifty dollars (which considering my ticket hadn’t been that expensive in the first place, I was happy to take it!) and she got me on a flight that day. Thank you JetBlue!


Now it gets tricky. With shoddy weather at JFK, my flight did end up being delayed. When we finally took off, lord the ride! I applaud the pilots tremendously, because the turbulence was some of the worst I have experienced in a long while. I always love looking out my window, but there was nothing to see with the thick clouds except a whitish grey. We landed safely. Thank you pilots!


Thankfully that was where the hassle ended, I got my bag, and made the hour and twenty minute ride back to the city tired, but thankfully uneventful except for the rain which I could handle. I had seen Wicked, I wasn’t going to melt.

As I lugged my hundred pound suitcase (okay she one weighs like fifty pounds, but it was a long day of travel!) into my building, I unlocked my mailbox, grabbed my mail and then turned to the table that usually is ladended full with packages. I stopped, when I first recognized the box from my friend (she always draws such pretty mermaid designs on them) and then the flowers next to it.


Apparently Christmas wasn’t over just yet. My friend had sent me a lovely painting she had done herself, that is perfect for what I hope this year will represent.


And my tall dark and handsome man had sent me flowers and tickets to a Broadway Show I have been dying to see..and it isn’t even out yet! He knows me so well and it put a huge smile on my face!


With the January blues, and weariness of a hectic travel day, it was the perfect amount of surprises to come home to and made my day so much brighter. I can not wait for the Spring when I get to sing “Things my heart used to know, things it yearns to remember” Anyone want to take a guess what I am going to see? 


I am so excited for what is coming down the pike this year. Trips, adventures, new endeavors, I can not wait to update you guys! 2017 is definitely shaping up to be the best year yet!

How has the first week of 2017 gone for you all?

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4 thoughts on “The Last of Vacay and the Beginnings of 2017

  1. Oh man turbulence is definitely one of the scariest things I’ve had to endure!! Glad you made it okay! That is so sweet of your friend to make that for you. Some of the best gifts are the ones that are made with some extra TLC! Your nails look great in that picture of you holding the starbs cup! Do you get them done or so them yourself?

    xo, JJ

    1. It is! I don’t mind flying, except when it is bad weather. Then I am holding onto the arm rest for dear life! lol. It was! It made my day! They really are! Awe thank you! Haha I got them done. Their is no way I could do them myself! I am always amazed at the designs they do. I actually got them done by a woman who has been doing my nails for years, Katie’s Nails she works out of the Root Cellar in North Conway, if you ever want to go when you visit. She is amazing (and has a great name too! lol) xoxo <3

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