The Lil Miss

“It is the nature of babies to be in bliss.” ~ Deepak Chopra

A week ago Tuesday, after much anticipation, I got the sweetest call from my precious three year old nephew and aunt could receive. In his sweet little voice he exclaimed “Auntie Kate, Pip Jacquelyn!” Which he then repeated several times.


Carter phoned me with all his exuberance to tell me that his baby sister had been born and that her name was Pip(er) Jacquelyn. Before the auspicious event, he had told my brother and sister-in-law that HE needed to be the first to know. When I asked him if he would tell me after, he nodded and had pledged solemnly that yes he would. He took that job with all the seriousness of a thirty year old with the cuteness of his three years of age.

Having listened to him announce the news I jokingly asked him if he had named his sister to which he replied “Nope. Mommy did.” I asked if he approved of the name and he told me, “Yes I do Auntie Kate.”

I didn’t think my heart could melt anymore, but lord was I wrong. I could tell already, that the poor Lil Miss has it coming for her. She has two handsome, protective, strong-willed brothers who will probably terrorize her to death while making sure no one else does the same to her. After all, it is what brothers do.


For the last week, I have been chomping at the bit to meet my niece whom from all the pictures looks like she is ready for her Gerber commercial yesterday. While in my opinion, most newborns look like wrinkly raisins, her features are delicate with a heart shaped mouth and beautiful alert eyes.

After living on pictures from Instagram and Facebook, seeing her in person did not do her justice. It was love at first sight, meeting this beautiful little bundle. I am not sure what was cuter, Piper herself, or her two handsome brothers who constantly dote on her like she really is the apple of their eye…until she cries of course.

This precious little peanut has an exciting life ahead of her. While, I could hold her endlessly, cuddling her in my arms. I can not wait to start corrupting her the way only aunties can, when she gets older.

Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law and to the two little boys who are now big brothers. And Piper welcome to this world my stunning new niece! <3


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