The Muse’s Witching Hour

Having the muse strike you, is great, but sometimes I wish she would respect business hours and visit between the hours of nine and five.

Like now.

It is two in the morning and I would like nothing more to sleep. Instead I am up writing because “inspiration has struck.” Really, it can kiss my derrière.

A girl needs beauty sleep. Seriously it is beauty sleep. According to all the experts sleep helps heal the body, fight acne, prevent wrinkles, all the things as women we spend millions of dollars on annually. When sleep is a free remedy just out of our grasping finger tips. That and drinking plenty of water. The elixir of health.

Yet, despite knowing the heath benefits, the importance of it, and the fact that I have a deep appreciation for my bed in general, I have nights where I just can’t shut off that pesky brain.

And then I have nights with the Muse. I appreciate the Muse. I do. But I would rather appreciate the Muse in daylight then as a nocturnal owl.

No matter how deeply I sleep; A new idea, an oped piece, the next chapter in my book, a thought, will hit in the middle of the night pulling me out of slumber.

Ironically some of my best pieces have come from two AM jam sessions at the computer. I have no idea why, because if you know me, I am not fully functional until I have had a shower, had a sweat session, and had my cup of coffee or four.

Yet, I can write thousands of words in a couple hours, channeling Hemingway, and putting some of my best work onto paper.

The universe is a sadistical jokester at the irony.


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