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“When people who love the ocean come together, they can achieve extraordinary things.” ~ Frances Beinecke

For My Mermaids At Heart 

Second day of blogmas and guys it is snowing! Not just a little where it melts in a day (like the last storm) but actually a lot! This is the only time of year I like snow. Drinking coffee by the tree, with fresh snow falling outside is the ultimate Thomas Kinkade moment. It is also Cyber Monday! Hopefully no one is to shopped out, because I have another gift guide for y’all and it is my favorite.


Lets be frank, would I really be a mermaid if I didn’t do a gift guide geared towards all my fellow mermaid soul sisters? Most definitely not! Many of these brands have been mentioned and even featured on this blog before, but that is why they will make such great gifts because these are some of my favorite products many of which have a lot of meaning behind them. I also love that many of these companies use recycled mariner materials in their products. Those in the nautical community are some of the biggest conservationists out there and I love that they aren’t just passionate about the ocean, but passionate about keeping it clean.


As always some of these links are affiliated links at no extra cost to you, BUT they will help fund my coffee addiction and Christmas shopping. 

Alaina Marie

This might just be my favorite brand on here. Her bags are made from the same material fisherman use to hold their bait and are so chic, versatile, and colorful. She has a wide selection from clutches that can also be used as organizers to tote bags that are incredibly durable to her newest creation the crossbody. (which I LOVE!) Not only can you mix and match, but they also take custom orders. I am obsessed with the algae green they just debuted this fall.


Sea Bags

Sea Bags is another tried and true brand and one of the companies I was talking about when mentioning conservation. They take old sails from boats and turn them into super chic durable bags. They also take custom orders as well has a variety of designs from anchors, and sea life to, fun patterns. Being from Maine they even rep the Patriots (the only downside, but I still love them!) and have a tote with Tom Brady’s number on it, making it perfect for the sports lovers in your life. They have everything from duffles to totes and are great to use as luggage. My favorite bag is the tote with the anchor, and I love that it comes in a wide selection of colors.


Allison Cole 

This is a company Idiscovered over the summer and I am obsessed! While she makes necklaces, (which one day I will try) it is her bracelets made of braided cotton rope reminiscent of those used on sailboats that I love. With your choice of gold or silver hardware and colorful thread she has a diverse selection of designs and are perfect for the mermaid who likes more simple glam.


Dune Jewelry 

I have been a fan of Dune Jewelry since they first began their company about seven years ago. It was a brilliant, yet simple idea of not just putting sand into jewelry pieces to wear, but sand that holds a special place to the wearer. All of their jewelry is sterling silver made from the best materials. They sell both women’s and men’s jewelry, and this year they just launched their wedding line. YES, you can buy your wedding rings through them! I love how personalized this company is and that whenever I wear their jewelry, I am also carrying a piece of one of my favorite beaches with me.


Melsy Illustrations

Melsy creates the cutest chicest illustrations out there. From printed cards, to prints, to paintings, her attention to detail and stylish designs are a must have and make the best gifts. While I can not say enough about her designs and what amazing gifts they would be, it is actually her illustration of two mermaids laying on the beach that gets her on this gift guide. It is a print I have had my eye on, but do not own. (yet, hopefully some day!) But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make a great gift for the mermaid besties in your life! It not only comes as a print, but also cards, mugs AND an ornament.


Mermaid Blanket 

I couldn’t NOT post this on here. It is funny how often people will post this blanket to my page, and after years of jokes, my brother bought it for me for Christmas one year. I admit as an adult it is a little tacky for my tastes. But I know people who are obsessed and for any young mergirls or merboys in training this is perfect.


Watts In Maine 

Watts In Maine is anther boutique that makes jewelry out of lobster gauges (the tool used to weigh lobster) and other fisherman materials. The Perfect Catch Cuff is what had me sold, but their other cute pendants earrings and rings are just as adorable, as well as their coordinate bracelets. This is another company that is full of sentiment making it a perfect Christmas gift for the empathic mermaids in your life.


Did anything catch your eye? Do you have any mermaids in your life? What are you getting them for Christmas? 

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