The Original T-Shirt Dress Transformed For Fall

“I dress myself, not to impress, but for comfort and for style.” ~ Lindsey Wixson

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The OG T-Shirt Dress

Friends, I thought long and hard about re-sharing this dress, because it is quite a few years old. And by quite a few years, I mean it is over half a decade and might even be pushing a full one by now! But it is such a goodie! Heck who woulda thought I would be rocking the t-shirt dress way back when?

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The reason it is such a goodie is because it is so comfortable! And with good reason! While it may not be sold anywhere because of it’s age, (could it be considered vintage?) I have more then gotten my bang for my buck out of it, and then some! Especially with the resurgence of the t-shirt dress trend, after all this is the OG! I bought this dress in gasps! 2014! From Anthropologie, it was a Stacy Chang design called the Askew T-shirt dress. And it was worth every penny! While it is all one piece, the layered look adds some dimension and chicness. I seriously have worn it EVERYWHERE and year round as well.

T-Shirt Dress Trend

While I know what is trendy, I don’t follow trends if you get what I mean. Not to bring up a tiresome argument, especially given that Han Solo season is upon us, but then perhaps it is just another reminder WHY I am skinny jeans and side parts for life! (I would love to see people attempt to put boot cut jeans in boots, I dare ya to make it a Tok-Tok trend!) That being said, the t-shirt dress trend is one I can get behind.

In fact I was behind it before it was even trendy! T-shirt dresses are light, flowy, and so comfortable, and they are also a blank canvas. You can literally style them with anything and wear them anywhere. They also work pretty much year round. In summer you can pair it with sandals or flip-flops, and in the fall booties and in the winter just add tights and maybe some knee high boots. It is one of those staple pieces that you NEED in your closet, which is why I haven’t ever donated my OG Anthro dress. I wear it to much! And while this one is no longer on sale (though you might find it on Poshmark) I have bought other styles from Amazon and Lulus, which I have linked for your shopping pleasure.

You can shop this look here

The Look

While this dress has made many appearance on this blog, I thought I would show you all how I took this vintage (using it!) piece and updated it, using the jacket of the season. OBVIOUSLY! Heck I think it might be the jacket of the year! It just happens to be restocked, in the green (yay!) and the gray is still available. This look is so effortlessly casual while still being chic and yes still comfortable. I might be gushing, but it really is everything you could want in a look, and a fall one at that.

The colors pair well together because they are all neutral, so you can add a pop of color if you wish to or just keep the neutral color palette going, which is what I did with tan booties, a hat, and my staple jewelry. It is effortless, while still looking like you put effort in. In fact, I was visiting a friend after having hiked and I grabbed this dress and jacket to change into, and with in minutes, I looked put together. Who doesn’t love fashionable looks that literally take seconds to style?

Do you have a “Vintage” piece in your closet? That dress or t-shirt that is your go to and still going strong? 


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