The Perfect Gift This Season

“Carry Only What You Need.” ~ Janie Cooke and Caroline Nix 


A couple months ago, I featured O-Venture rings on a Friday Favorites post. With the holidays approaching and the season of gift giving upon us, I thought it was only fitting to give them a big non-sponsored shout out. Seriously, they came up with such a genius idea, that is helping the busy boss babes in us all, I had to share!


O-Venture was started by two incredibly intelligent and creative boss babes, who understand the struggle women have with toting their lives around with them daily. Their motto is carry less, which as a New Yorker and Jetsetting Blonde always on the go, I completely support.


I constantly find myself juggling multiple items, from my phone, to keys to pretty much always having a cup of coffee in my hand which let’s face it IS a necessity. I mean I am pretty sure half my body is contrived of the caffeinated goodness. And to spill that, is sacrilege.


The O-Key Ring

Begun with the Big O-Key Rings, the large key ring can be worn like a bracelet, making keys accessible, while freeing up your hands. Coming in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials there is one for every personality, from the tom-boy to the girly girl, to the animal lover and everyone in between.


With a sturdy clasp akin to a carabiner (but way more stylish), you can slide your keys off and on not just easily, but also securely. There is no need to worry about broken nails nor worry about losing your keys. A8E515DB-A5F4-4284-A457-6D7625E9A26E

Key Ring Bags

O-Venture doesn’t just do the rings, but also has a collection of wristlets, card cases, and wallets, all made with the ability to attach to the O-Key Ring. Durable, yet stylish, they are the perfect accessory to carry all of your must haves including your cell phone, while still giving you the ability to be hands free.


Like with their O-Rings, versatility is the name of O-Venture’s products. Their bags come in a wide range of colors and patterns, from the super blinged out, to more neutral palettes, making sure they will go with your whole wardrobe, year round.



I have never been one for key chains, opting for a simple ring to hold my keys. I admit I was skeptical, but O-Venture sold me on their O-Rings and their products.


I first bought an aqua silicone ring as well as the rose gold leather, (they do offer a vegan leather as well) as those are the two colors that match my wardrobe. Within days of buying them they proved their worth, from having my keys easily accessible while juggling coffee and mail, to being able to lock the car and STILL hold both of my nephews hands. They are that hack I never knew I needed.


This past summer, I bought a card holder and it was life changing. I know I sound ridiculously dramatic, but it is true. I no longer have to dig through my backpack or tote to find my wallet or keys, everything is easy to get to, because of the O-Ring.


The Perfect Gift

Since discovering O-Venture, it has become my go to for gift giving. From the moment I started using mine, I not only got compliments, but also a ton of questions. It is unique, stylish, and yet, still incredibly useful. All things I think about when giving a gift. Mine has been a life saver and I hope it will be for my friends as well.


Have you used the O-Ring or a O-Venture product? What is your favorite gift to give? 

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