The Pull of a Hallmark Holiday Movie

“Hallmark makes beautiful films that feel as if they should be watched in a theater. The Hall family knows the power of stories, and they give us unforgettable movies with heart and depth and the resonance of classics.” ~ Luanne Rice

This weekend marks the beginning of Holiday movies on Hallmark. Where for two months I don’t have a life as I binge watch sweet, romantic movies filled with some Holiday cheer. I know what your thinking; “Seriously? It isn’t even Halloween yet!”

Technicalities my dear readers. Halloween IS in three days.

Okay, yes I am justifying. But I feel that it is perfectly warranted. I remember as a child watching the twenty-five days of Christmas on ABC Family, filled with the cartoon classics from Nestor the Donkey to Santa Clause is Coming to Town. As I got older and even now I still feel the nostalgic pull every time they are on, but I graduated to more young adult movies.

As a nineties kid, I use to watch Rent A Kid and Christmas Every Day, as well as the Disney Channel Original Movies such as the Ultimate Christmas Present. Yup as a child the one time of the year that I actually got to watch an abundance of television and it was perfectly okay and even more ALLOWED, was at Christmas time. Usually we would be doing something, like baking cookies, or making homemade snowflakes, or wrapping presents with the television on in the background spreading the cheer.


Now as an adult, I have Hallmark.

Hallmark movies are like the sanitized versions of a Harlequin romance. They are filled with romance, cheer, and yes, definitely a bit of angst. Yet, you always finish the movie in a much better place. You can’t help but be in a happier better mood, whether it is because they are about the most wonderful time of year, or because Hallmark stamps their trademark warmth of approval on them. I can’t even call them a guilty pleasure because in the last five years, the acting in them has definitely improved. It isn’t a sterilized version of Lifetime anymore either.

It is brainless, merry television to prepare you for the holidays, make you laugh and swoon. And yes, maybe, just maybe, believe in Santa again. So grab your hot chocolate and your onesie, curl up on the couch and start to feel the magic of the season. I know I will!

When do you start watching Holiday movies or playing Christmas music?

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