The Reset After Being Sick

“Illness is the doctor to whom we pay most heed; to kindness, to knowledge, we make promise only; pain we obey.” ~ Marcel Proust

Slackin’ Kate

I have slacked horribly with keeping up with my blog, comments, emails, and basically life in general the last two weeks. Just when I think I have caught up, wham, something else hits me, this time in many ways quite literally.

I flew back two weeks ago from New Hampshire, and while I was exhausted, I attributed it to gynecological issues, family stresses, and the coming Nor’Easter (number four peeps!) rather then the fact I was harboring the worst creeping crud of my life.

Tuesday I went to class and when I came back, I legit felt like death. Assuming it was because of above mentioned gynecological issues which cause me to sleep like a mummy, I took a nap and when I woke up the real hell began. I took my temperature not thinking anything of it, until I saw it was a hundred and three.

That was when I knew. I knew I had succumbed. I popped Advil and hoped it would pass. We had a snow day on Wednesday. I grabbed coffee tea with a friend who was blown away by the fact I looked like death. In fact afterwards I went home and pretty much metaphorically died.


The Creeping Crud

The next few days were a delirium filled haze. I went to the clinic twice. Had IV’s, blood work, and was pumped filled with antibiotics which did not do a thing. They had (and still to this day) no idea what was wrong with me. Aside from the fever, I had a ridiculously high blood pressure. (for me, I typically run 90 over 50 and yes that is with drinking caffeine) I was exhausted, and wanted to sleep, but couldn’t due to the fact my heart was going to jump out of my flipping chest.

I even passed out at one point,(yup read that right) waking up when I hit my floor.

I can legit say I have never EVER been this sick in my life, and I seem to catch the most random shizzle.


For once in my life I listened to my body.

I didn’t play hero and try to overdue. I rested. Even when I began to feel better, I still stayed in bed. We had a few days (since we have had more snow. WTF Mother Nature?) where the weather cleared and got warmer and I stayed in bed. 

Though I got a little stir crazy, and if I had really desperately wanted to I could have attempted a run, I didn’t.

I could have, being the key words, but then I also ran the chance of being right back where I was two weeks ago.

I don’t know if it was the super high blood pressure, the fever or the fact I friggin passed out. Like legit doesn’t that shit only happen in Gone With the Wind? Whatever this was, it was a doozy.


The Reset I needed

This Winter has not been kind to me and I have not been kind to my body, as scary as this was, it was the reset I needed. The kick in the ass for my mental an physical states. The sign that it is okay if I rest and take care of myself. And no, not take care of me by pampering, and being a go-getter, but actually relaxing. Actually taking a step back to pause and rest.

I have had a lot of upheaval personally, and this put a lot of that stuff into perspective. It also made also made me realize it is okay to lean on people, especially friends. My girlfriends have been amazing through all of this, with one even coming from Queens when I pulled my Scarlett O’Hara moment. I tell people all the time, but even I need the reminder that, we are not alone. We NEED people. The right kind of people who get us and accept us for who WE are. We are much better for it, once we find our group, and we all have them.

While I am still not back to being a hundred percent, I have incredible mental clarity, which had felt blocked all Winter. It has inspired me to pursue endeavors that had fallen by the wayside, as well as reinvigorate my writing that had been so stagnate lately. 

While this was a curse, an incredibly scary one, I am the type of person who turns sour lemons into lemonade, and even in the most dire circumstances can you get perspective and learn and grow. This gave me that. As I joked with a friend, who knows maybe it was the Fall on my head that gave me some sense. (kidding, kinda) Sometime you have bumps (okay that was bad wordage, pun not intended) in the road with some really bad months, but you will get through them as long as you keep going and you will be much stronger for it.


How do you handle getting sick? Do you push yourself or do you listen to your body? 

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23 thoughts on “The Reset After Being Sick

  1. I am thankful I don’t get sick very often but if I do I have a little moan (as I’m sure most people do) and then try to rest. Hope you’re feeling better now and good on you for looking after yourself. You make a good point about needing people, you notice it more when you haven’t get anyone or many to lean on x

    1. That is awesome! I wish I was that way! Though thinking about it, I only get sick a couple times a year, but when I do, watch out, it is the weirdest things lol. Thanks beauty I am! And thank you! It is so true! I am very independent, but when I texted my friends they rallied. I am so grateful to them. <3

    2. Yes, taking care of yourself is so important when you are going through a rough bit of illness. Glad you are getting back to speed!

  2. Girl, I’m so glad that you listened to your body and gave it the love and relaxation it needed. I’m with you, the winter hit me like a ton of bricks and I wasn’t very good to my body, I’m trying to turn that around this season, *fingers crossed*. I’m glad you’re feeling a little better and getting back into the swing of things, it’s nice to have you back! XO

    1. Thanks beauty! The struggle was real though! :p lol. I am so sorry to hear that beauty! I hope it gets better and that you have a kick booty Spring! Thanks love! Definitely glad to be back! <3

  3. Omg …. that sounds horrible… I hope you feel much better lovely 💕💕 sometimes you just need a break and charge up cause life is a little much every now and then. xx

  4. I hate getting sick! I normally try to push through, but with some sicknesses, you need to listen to your body and just rest. Otherwise you’re just never going to recover. I hope you’re feeling better now <3

  5. Oh, Kate … I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ailing. But it looks like you discovered the perfect cure: Thor Ragnarok! (Is it possible that Chris Hemsworth actually *caused* your fever? LOL.) Anyway. Glad to hear you’re on the mend, and sending lots of good-health vibes your way! xx

  6. Oh my! Passing out and having high blood pressure must have been so scary for you. What a strange combo of symptoms. I am so sorry you’ve been feeling so awful! Jimmy and I both caught a cold and feel pretty horrible (foggy… stuffy… sore throats), but nothing like what you’ve been through. I love that you took it as a learning experience and rested. I hope you get back to 100% soon and that there’s no more snow!!!

  7. Aah huni I hope you’re okay? It sounds awful and scary. Feeling that ill sucks. I’ve not been right since last month. I wonder what’s done us up xx

  8. Holy hell, this sounds terrifying! I’m really glad you’re feeling a bit better and listening to your body though. I think sometimes life is so hectic that we forget to take the time to tune into how our health is until it’s way too late. All my love to you! <3 <3

  9. I’m also guilty of pushing myself when I’m sick even though I should rest instead. I used to never get sick or if I did it would last a night or a few hours and one pill would cure me lol. Unfortunately now, since I’m getting older, I get sick more often so now I just try to take it easy as much as I can. btw, I followed your blog!

    1. The struggle is real!
      And girl I feel you! “Old age” stinks. Lol. I definitely do not recover like I use too.
      Rest is definitely best. Awe thank you! I will definitely follow you back! <3

      1. People laugh when I say I feel old even though I’m only in my 20s. But I can truly see the difference in my health etc! LMAO.

  10. Oh man, that sounds horrible! I’m so glad you listened to your body – so important.
    Good for you for taking a timeout. I used to try to push my body when I’m sick but I don’t do that anymore – it just makes things worse in the long run. Plus, going into work while sick is just so inconsiderate to my coworkers.
    I hope you’re back to 100% soon!

    1. Thank you beauty! I really needed too! It is SO hard not to push yourself, especially if you are only a “little sick” it really does!
      And yes girl! I hate when people come to work sick. I know sharing is caring BUT PLEASE keep your germs to yourself LOL. Thanks beauty! Getting there! <3

  11. This is SOOO SCARY, Kate!!!!! I am sooo sorry you had to deal with this. I am VERY THANKFUL you are better, but gosh, that’s awful. Makes me sick to my stomach thinking of you going through this. Our bodies are amazing though they way they fight back! No more creeping crud for you for years, you have done your time, haha. Sooo many hugs XOXO

    1. Thanks beauty! Even for me, the girl who could have the plague (which who knows, I could have had? Lol) and still runs ten miles, was freaked out by it! It really is! Haha I agree! My body needs a break! lol. Thank you so much for your sweet words and support beauty! I appreciate it! Many hugs back beauty! <3

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