The Scent of a Woman

A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ~ Christian Dior

In true Gemini form I have many personalities, calm, crazy, bookish, sensual, nun-like, adventurous. I am a walking book of dualities. While fashion can emulate that, from yoga chic to old Hollywood glamour, it is my perfume that resonates the true depths of my emotion.

From fruity to flowery, to yes, even the waves of the ocean, (thank you Bobbi Brown) spritzing a scent on my skin, is as embodying as putting on a pair of heels. In fact many times I feel more naked without a scent on, then if I had joined a nudist colony. It is my identity as well as my armor.

I spray it when I am going out on a date, or just going to Trader Joes. While Grandmothers and Marilyn Monroe alike had Chanel n•5, I have Escada, and Givenchy. Marc Jacobs and Viktor Rolf. A perfume to fit every mood at every juncture.

With department stores and Sephora, my nose is endlessly satisfied with new perfumes. It is as subtle, but as explosive as any fashion trend.

Perfume is the definition of a person just as a person defines the perfume.

What is your favorite perfume?


Back row: Light Blue- Dolce and Gabbana. Kenzoamour – Kenzo. Middle row: Born in Paradise – Escada. White Sandalwood – Nest Fragrances. Front Row: Beach -Bobbi Brown.



Back row: Hot Couture – Givenchy. Middle row: French Vanilla Lemon – LaVanilla Laboratories. Very Irresistible – Givenchy. Front row: Simone – Tocca. J’adore – Christian Dior.

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