The Skinny Pancake

“It’s easy to impress me. I don’t need a fancy party to be happy. Just good friends, good food, and good laughs. I’m happy. I’m satisfied. I’m content.” ~ Maria Sharapova 

Let me preface this with: I. Do. Not. Have. A. Problem.

Okay maybe a slight one.

But if you went to this place you would have a problem too.

The problem is called The Skinny Pancake and it has the most delicious crepes I have ever had in my life. Seriously. Sweet. Traditional. Vermont traditional. And then the little bit outrageous.

It really is a party in your mouth.


My sister first introduced me to the Skinny Pancake when she was going to school at Saint Mike’s which might be why I love this place so much. It s filled with a lot of memories and much nostalgia. When she first took us here it was a small building that maybe had twelve tables in a very small place. But it had its Vermont charm, with its rustic decor of wooden tables, and its partial wait service.


It is also farm to table offering only the freshest organic ingredients. They also offer vegetarian, vegan AND Gluten free options, which is also another reason why I love this place so much. As a Gluten Free gal, breakfast was usually eggs, or oatmeal which gets old real fast, especially since when I first visited this restaurant, I was vegetarian, so breakfast was even more difficult. It seems as the years have gone on they have only gotten even more allergy friendly.


Over the years, The Skinny Pancake has evolved, first expanding their flagship restaurant with more seating, a bar that serves yummy original drinks, and a stage where they have entertainment on the weekends. Its’ location makes it a prime spot as it is right on the waterfront as well as close enough to walk to Church Street. The menu has also expanded, adding some bar like food favorites with  Vermont twist like fries with poutine.


Every time I visit Burlington I have to go. And usually it is multiple times. Thankfully I have some wonderful friends who support my addiction to go and it has now become a running joke.


Their menu is extensive and you literally can not go wrong. My only complaint is they have so much to choose from that it makes it difficult to settle on just one. Overtime I go, I am tempted to order two. And I may or may not have on occasion.


While I have my favorites, like the Sasquatch, which is comprised of squash, chèvre, and spinach and a sweet crepe called the Heartbreaker which is comprised of nutella strawberries and whipped cream which is and is literally to die for. Seriously I would sell organs for these.


This trip I decided to expand my palette and that first night I got a crepe that I am STILL dreaming about. The Jonny is a barbecue pork with caramelized onions and cheddar cheese served with a root vegetable slaw. It was suppose to be served in a cornmeal shell but being a Gluten Free Gal they put it in their delicious this can’t possibly be GF chickpea batter crepe. The crepe was heaven. Seriously. Like I said still dreaming about it. I was even tempted to get it for breakfast the next day. The root vegetable slaw was also amazing! I had my doubts about the later as slaw can be touch and go, but it was crunchy, slightly spicy, and not to wet nor was it dry. I loved that it wasn’t a tradition slaw either with the added touch of peppers in it.


The next morning for breakfast I settled on the Monsieur which called to me because it reminded me of a dish that I get all the time at Maison Kayser. comprised of ham an egg, cheddar cheese and maple syrup it was the perfect mixture of savory with just a hint of sweet. It was also incredibly filling. I ended up getting it the next day too.


While I might, MIGHT have a problem, The Skinny Pancake is one I will happily continue to have. With it being a small business with helpful, attentive staff, and a healthful original take on a delicacy that doesn’t always have a good rap, there are definitely worst addictions.

Have you ever been here? Do you have a restaurant that you just have to go to when you travel?


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  1. I’m DROOOOOLLLING over here. U know I like my foodie spots. DJ is especially a big crepe person so I feel like he would love something like this! YUUUUM!

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