The Unexpected Findings of Friendship

“Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.” ~ Euripides

When my friend asked me to be in her wedding, I legit misted up. There was no saying it was allergies. I had only known her six years, which may not be considered long, but it was bonds forged under the worst circumstances which has created a friendship I continue to cherish to this day.


I remember calling her that day, to tell her the news. She was one of the first people I told despite us being complete and utter strangers. We had never met, though I did know a lot about her through stories from my sister. Yet there we found ourselves. Me, trying to be stoic as I told her the news. While I know her heart was breaking, she was completely, calm, rational, and ready to take command of the situation. She was that lighthouse amongst the raging hurricane. She kept me tethered to reality in a way that I may not have wanted but I needed.

It could have ended there. We could have gone our separate ways after the funeral. Perhaps have been facebook friends with the occasional likes and comments.

But nope, it seemed I was stuck with her, whether I wanted to be or not and truthfully with someone who rocks curlers out in public, not just loves her puppy beyond belief, but loves in general with her whole heart and is the epitome of a fashionista who I sincerely bow down too, How could I not want to be stuck with her?


I feel like our real bonding came in the fall of 2013 when we had Wedding Palooza. Two weddings on back to back weekends. I needed a ride from the train station as I didn’t have a car and wasn’t old enough to rent one (joys of living in a city) she took pity on me. As the two rocking solo ladies in the group we became each others roomies and dates.

First of all, like with most of my close friends, when I meet them it seems like we have known each other since birth. Heck we could have shared a womb. We were talking about anything and everything. Literally EVERYTHING. You know those taboo subjects I can’t go into detail because children might be reading this? Yeah we went there. We were laughing with in seconds.

After that first weekend, where everyone in that small town thought WE were the ones getting married and I learned about hashtags from another friend (Thank you Mike. I totally blame you for creating this hashtag monster) memories had been made to be never publicized on threat of life and we were ready for our next adventure the following week.


Once again from the moment she picked me up at the train station, it was none stop jabbering and laughing. Once again we embarked on adventures that set the town blazing. I had always known what a fashionista she was. I had heard the stories. I had just never witnessed it until we went shopping for fascinators to wear to the wedding. Seriously she is the most fashionable date I have ever had (and that includes a boyfriend who wore Tom Ford) As we asked each other for advice, traded fashion tips and basically fed our inner shopaholics because let’s face it, she could pull everything off and was pushing me out of my fashion comfort zone.

It was three days that cemented a friendship. It took another wedding and a non baby baby shower (before you get confused yes their WAS a baby) for me to finally FINALLY meet her baby and the only spooning partner I ever need. Flora.

Okay this might be the real reason we are friends. Flora is so stinking cute and such a diva that we could be soul sisters.

If she was human. Seriously Lil Miss Flora has a ‘tude in spades and an even bigger heart just like her mama. Of course she could have found it in her heart not to push me off the couch that first night, but I will forgive her.


Every year in December I get to see my spooning partner and my friend who also happens to put up with my Skinny Pancake addiction. This is how I know we are friends. Every year for the three days I am there, we gorge ourselves on crepes at least once a day if not twice. That is real friendship right there!

In a sudden bout of serendipity this past year, she was in the city on my sisters birthday and she put up with my sad depressing derriere and made it bearable. We laughed. We talked. We even forced her fiancé to take lots and lots of pictures of us. (Which got him my stamp of approval…even if we had to train him on how to take a jumping shot)

It was why when she got engaged and had a party, I knew I had to go. Which is when I traveled with my Gemini twin and got a shock of a life time. FYI I thought the bride was the one who got the gifts?


Seriously though, with in moments of us arriving, she pulled us aside and asked if we would be her bridesmaids. Talk about always needing to wear water-proof mascara! I was so incredibly touched she wanted to not just have me attend her special day, but actually be a part of it. It meant more then I can ever put into words. I was truly honored. Not just because she is such a dear kindred friend, but because she and her soon to be hubby couldn’t be more perfectly matched. I am so excited to be a part of their day.

The only down side is, my spooning partner has not only replaced me AND her mother, but is all about her daddy. Talk about chop liver Flora!

Joking aside, I am so blessed to have this incredibly kind, strong, compassionate woman in my life. Everyone needs a Krystal in their life. And I am so incredibly blessed despite the horrendous circumstances to have her in my life. I am so excited to be seeing her this weekend for more trouble, I mean adventures.


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