The Unofficial Official end to Summer

“August is like the Sunday of summer.” ~ Anonymous 

Happy September!

Happy first day of September friends! And to sound like a broken record how is it September 1, AND Labor Day already? My brother’s kiddos went back to school yesterday and the rest of the kiddos go back next week! It truly is the unofficial official end to summer. BUT, much like Memorial Day, we still have three weeks until the OFFICIAL start to Autumn.

Yet, unlike Memorial Day, I am NOT getting a jumpstart on fall and calling it autumn like I do with summer. In fact, I am staunchly in denial about it. I am attempting to hold onto summer as hard as I can. It helps that to quote Donald Glover, it still “feels like summer.” And after spending the last few weeks on an island, I am firmly in that summer state of mind. Though, to be frank, I am ALWAYS in a summer state of mind.

My Two Seasons

I have mentioned it before, I have two seasons, Summer and Christmas, and while Christmas is kinda right around the corner, (I mean Hallmark movies start in a little over a month, can you believe it?) I am incredibly sad that summer has unofficially officially ended, especially this year. I really do feel like I blinked, it began, and I blinked and here we are in September. Alas as they say, all good things must come to an end and time really does fly. I know, I know, this post is full of cliches right now, but perhaps that is the mind frame I am at. I deal with Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder, and with how tumultuous my summer was, I need it to last longer! At least a month!

So while everyone might be gearing up for apple picking season, which don’t get me wrong, I do love, I will still be holding court at the beach. Even if it is freezing. And another thing, It might be Labor Day, but I’ll be rocking my white jeans all year long! What about you?

Are you sad summer has ended? Or are you ecstatic for autumn? 

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