Things to do this Holiday Season

“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.” – Andy Rooney

A different season this year

This year the Holiday season has kind of been turned on its head because of the pandemic. Tree lightings have been cancelled, family get togethers curtailed, and traditions that we love to do, have had to change. That said Christmas and life are NOT cancelled, and adapting is the name of the game. You can still have fun, still be safe, and social distance and still do your part to protect others.

Ironically, as someone who hates the cold, (except in December) there are a ton of activities you can do that are pandemic friendly whether because you are channeling your inner child, just love Christmas and all it entails, or are doing it because you want to be that fun aunt, (sacrifices are made for that title!) these are activities you can enjoy during the season and even afterwards. Just remember to dress warmly and get hot hands!

Winter Hiking

Okay this activity might be partial to those of us who live in the mountains. But a nice winter hike is always fun too! Aside from the cold, I actually adore winter hiking. The trails are easier to navigate, especially if you have micro spikes, and no bugs which is ALWAYS a bonus in my book. The views are also unique n a way that iced covered branches and snowy landscapes can give you.


I was debating adding this one since we STILL do NOT have snow. Not that I am bitter about that. Much. Don’t worry friends, we will literally get pummeled with it in January until May. Joys of living in New England. But bitterness aside. Sledding is a fun activity. While a lot of ski mountains offer this activity, it is just as fun, much more accessible, and way more COVID friendly to grab a sled and go sledding in your backyard. Or find a park or some woods with some gnarly hills. Laughs and wipe outs are guaranteed.

Lake Skating

A lot of the rinks are closed due to COVID, but there are some “Rinks” that aren’t and these ones are usually free! While I have dreams of skating on Lake Louise in Banff, I will settle, for now, for lake skating closer to home. There is NOTHING like it, especially at the beginning of the season when the ice is crystal clear. Whether you are practicing jumps or playing hockey it is one of my favorite things to do. Just remember to check the ice before you skate, and go with a friend!

Look At Christmas decorations

I remember as a kid we use to take one night close to Christmas and go look at all the decorations different places put up. It was always so much fun and while I didn’t have a car, I kept up that tradition hen I moved to New York and every year I would go out to Dyker Heights and walk around looking at the houses. It was always such a treat and really got me into the Christmas spirit. This year, because jy and light are needed, I feel like so many more places are decorating because it is bringing every one so much cheer to see all the holiday decor. It is also a great social distancing activity, because you don’t have to get out of your car. In fact many places are doing light drive buys.

Drink Hot chocolate and watch Christmas Movies

This might be my favorite activity (aside from skating) to do and I always feel like I am living out my Hallmark Christmas Movie Dreams, usually because I AM watching a Hallmark movie. But there really is nothing better then drinking hot cocoa (yes, hot cocoa NOT coffee) from a Christmas mug with marshmallows and whipped cream as you laugh your heart out at a Home Alone quote or gush at a Hallmark Movie.

Christmas crafts

I had mentioned elf making the other day, but making paper Christmas chains, looping popcorn and dried fruit, cutting out paper snowflakes,  making reindeer, or handmade ornaments are just some of the festivities you can do with kids but also with adults too. Getting Christmas crafty is fun! Especially if you have a bottle of wine or some boozy hot chocolate, which in my opinion makes my creations SO much better!


There is nothing better then baking, nor is it more in season then right now! It s also an amazing opportunity to share traditions and pass on old recipes. The holidays are filled with tradition, and as a kid it was a time that I really got to learn about my family and heritage. As Czechoslovakian there are many scrumptious treats like Kolache that my Grandmother and Mom passed down to me.

Other activities to do every year

While these activities might seem like they are pandemic activities, really you can do them every holiday season and even on winter break. I remember the week between Christmas and New Years when we had it off from school, doing many of these activities as a kid and even more like snowmobiling and building snow forts, and even the impromptu snowball fight, though I definitely don’t compete at Elf’s level.

What are some activities you love to do this time of year? 

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4 thoughts on “Things to do this Holiday Season

  1. Hitting up the candy counter at Zeb’s is a great winter activity too! 😉 I like snowshoeing, but could never really liked hiking mountains in the winter. The summits were always so bloody windy and cold! 🥶

    1. Haha Yes it is! Though the line these days is NO joke! Literally wraps down the street!
      I like snowshoeing unfortunately I don’t own snowshoes so always borrowing them. And I hear you on that! I swear I pack my whole wardrobe when I hike…even in the summer! I always get so cold when I reach the top! <3

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