This is….25…..Just Kidding it is Thirty-Three and it is a Gift

” Wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been.” ~ Anonymous

Aging is a gift

So in the major cluster you know what that has been the last few months it only makes sense that this post is a few days late. But then again I AM a strong believer in celebrating all month long and it is still technically my birthday week…and yes I am analyzing this way to much, but I will if I want too. By now you all know I actually measure my birthdays as new beginnings rather than the New Year, (which might be good because 2023 has been rather interesting thus far). It is a time of reflection and LORD is it a time of reflection right now.

These last few months were NOT how I pictured ending thirty-two, and beginning thirty-three, and yet it is a reminder to be insanely grateful to get older. Aging is a gift. Truly. I know, I know, we live in a culture where we try to look and stay as young as possible, especially as a women. Lord knows I am guilty of that, (hello botox!) but each birthday we are blessed to see, is another chapter we get to write. It is more life we get to live, when so many don’t. And yes that includes the highs and the lows.


This year has taught me so much. In some ways I thought I was past the sucker punch lessons, but life had another thing coming, as it ALWAYS does. And it is a reminder to be grateful in the moment. Each chapter is filled with highs and lows and we don’t get to pick and choose when that happens or when it is the most convenient. But we DO get to pick and choose how we will respond in and to those moments.

We are also very quickly reminded of WHO is there for us not just in the good times, but also the bad. I am so grateful for my family and friends who have rallied around me. Not going to lie the good ones are hard to find, and not all stay, but when you do find them, hold onto them, water those relationships and help support and thus watch each other grow. It is SO important.

So is GREAT coffee. That is something I will never EVER take for granted again! And I can’t even say I am joking just a little!

While I spent part of my birthday at the hospital, I had family and friends who worked hard to make it so incredibly special and for that I am insanely grateful. Thank you for all the birthday love and making it special in what is definitely a bit of a trying time. And thank you to those who have stayed around, encouraged, and supported me through the good and bad. Thank you for being a part of my Era thirty-two, now let’s see what Era thirty-three will bring.

So much love to you friends!


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