Three Weeks in and 2017 You are Going at Warp Speed!

“If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” ~ Dale Carnegie

Oy Vey! I am two weeks back in the city, we are three weeks into 2017, and already I am slacking with life. (I apologize in advance for spamming everyone’s blogs yesterday, but I had to catch up!) In my defense, I had a really good friend come visit for a week. Let’s just say we caused some crazy shenanigans that left no time to write, and as for sleeping, forget about it!


One thing I have noticed happens most when people come to visit, is that we eat. A lot! Which is good because we also tend to walk. A lot!

I mean I generally walk a lot anyway (Seven miles is a conservative daily average.) but I really walk, and REALLY eat when people come to visit.

My friend ended up staying in Chelsea and given her locale, we kept meeting at Bryant Park, which as you know, I have only written about here, and here, and here, and oh yeah here too. I really don’t like Bryant Park. At all.


I kid. Yes, it is one of my favorite places and I was incredibly happy to keep going back there. In fact I even got her to go skating. It really is one of those cliche things if you visit New York in the Winter -or are just a skater girl like I am- you have to do.

We explored everywhere, from Brooklyn, to Fini, showing her where I live, roof top bars and we even took in a movie, we were on the go constantly. Her one request while here (aside from ice skating, I swear she honestly wanted to go!) was to go to Pazza Notte, which was no hardship as it is one of my favorite restaurants.


My friend is such a super sweet person, bubbly and genuinely confidant person. Her personality is genuinely infectious. We were making friends right and left. It was such a great week to spend time with her, catch up and just enjoy the city. She is amazing for the soul.

Because she was staying in Chelsea, I for the first time, got to take the Second Avenue Subway.


Please bear with me while I gush over a subway.

I know what you are thinking. It is a subway line. A New York one at that. Ewww.

But the thing about this Subway line is it is brand spanking new. Literally it opened January 1. It smells clean it looks clean. I even saw people washing the kiosks to get metro cards. (Washing them!) It was not just a glorious sight, but it was a bed of roses for my nose. If you have lived in New York, or even visited, you will have noticed all that construction on Second Ave. For what was literally decades! Well no more! It is finished and the Upper East Side is connected to the rest of Manhattan.

Seriously. It use to be we had to take the overcrowded Six, five, or four trains and then transfer (yes transferring is a dirty word in this case) to another station. It was a pain in the derriere. But no more. Seriously the first time I rode it I felt like angels were singing.

They probably were when it opened.


Okay gushing is over.

When my friend left it was sadly back to the usual grind; work, writing, salivating over my new subway line, and preparing for classes to start. Eeeek!

Okay it isn’t really sad. My type A personality loves the daily grind. It means I have a schedule which also hopefully means more time to catch up with all you beautiful readers!

Some bonus scoop:

I finished editing my novel and finally shipped it off WITH a title. (Yay!) Seriously titles are the worst part for me. I am now writing the second book in the series and that too, has a title. (Double Yay!) Does anyone else have such a problem with titles? Even when it comes to naming blog posts?


Despite the crazy week, I also finished several essays before the deadlines. Phew!

Despite the cold weather, I braved the elements and have been running, which is great for my sanity, but also makes me cry for warmer weather.

This week is Nationals and I am so flipping excited for all of my friends who are competing. It hasn’t been an easy road for any of them, but they have fought through the worst of it and made it to the National stage and I couldn’t be prouder. Regardless of what happens: Go Team USA!

I haven’t sunk to badly into depression, and with friends coming to visit and trips being planned hopefully it won’t be to bad. I know I have touched on it, but it is something that I really struggle with this time of year, and any accomplishment (even getting out of bed and showering) is huge.


How has your 2017 been so far?

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7 thoughts on “Three Weeks in and 2017 You are Going at Warp Speed!

  1. Oh girl, I totally understand gushing over new subway lines! Literally I think its a city-person thing we can truly appreciate a brand new, nice, clean subway line because more times then not, they’re just flat out GROSS! We had a Gov’t Center line here in Boston that closed down for reconstruction and literally I think it was 2-3 years later, they FINALLY opened it up again, brand new, and I was SOOO excited to check it out. I remember the day it opened that was like the first thing I had to go do. And yup, it was amazing. I’m going to have to be sure the next time I come to NYC to check out Bryant Park 😉

    xo, JJ

    1. It totally is! I was telling some friends and they thought I had gone crazy! Lol. Oh my gosh I am so happy you can relate! Haha New subways are like a destination themselves…At least new ones😊 yes! You definitely have too. It is amazing. Like a mini oasis in the city. 💗😘

  2. K! It sounds like things have been going so well and SOOOOO busy!!!!! How do you do it all girl?! SUPER WOMAN! You made me chuckle about the subway- I wanted to ride it while we were in NY, but getting a metro card and all that seemed like a hassle- is it pretty easy? And as for the foooddddd- uh, that’s whyy friends come to visit- to eat alllllz the food, drink alllz the wine, and have allz the fun. Ice skating looked pretty darn fun too 😉 Bryant Park is a real bust, eh? 😉 Hehe. Have a great weekend, dear!

    1. Awe thanks sweetie! They really are! And I am! (Thus slacking on the blogging..ahhh! 🙂 Hehe coffee might be my secret weapon! 😉
      Bwahaha, I am still in love with the subway. I just had a friend visit and I was like it is out of our way, but we are riding it! So beautiful…and CLEAN! 😀
      It is really really easy. I think the part that can be daunting is certain stations (like Grand Central) can be super busy and have long lines. but other then that it is pretty self explanatory. The next time you come visit, let me know and I can send you an email with all the tricks and tips 🙂
      Bwahaha yes it is! I swear friends make me gain thirty pounds and I flipping love it! 😀
      Oh Bryant Park is horrible. Don’t go there. Avoid it at all costs! ;p Lol.
      That is another place you do have to visit the next time you go!
      Thanks beauty! I hope you have an amazing week! <3

      1. Hahahha! Well I’m so glad I have you to ask these questions next time we visit!!!!!! And yessss I feel ya- when my friends come to visit same thing happens and it is SO worth the memories and yummy eats! Oh and Bryant Park… truly sounds horrible.. must stay far away. Wouldn’t want to run into you or anything there. Hahahhah! Have SUCH a great rest of your week, K. <3 xo

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