Time Flies When You are Moving

It amazes me how quickly events can come. How quickly that conscious waiting period, those moments where you are so incredibly stressed and so incredibly impatient melt away to “It’s here, It’s here!”

When I was a child during Christmas time, I would always tell my mom that, “It’s here mom, it’s here!” Regardless of whether it truly was or wasn’t. For me it was more the anticipation, the excitement of what was. As much as I couldn’t wait to see what Santa brought me (which was usually a new American Girl doll, slight obsession I won’t lie…and if you are wondering if I am bringing them with me…I’m not!) I loved the spirit of things. The lights, the skating, the music, the snow (or lack there of) shopping for people, just being in the moment and taking it all in.

With yoga, much of the practice is being in the moment.
Unfortunately the last several years, being in the moment has been hard to do, most times I have tried to escape that, or look for something more. For me that childhood anticipation, of waiting for Santa and Christmas has lost much of it’s appeal.

But as I begin this journey, I am trying to enjoy it, the little stresses and all. To stay present and mindful of what I am about to undertake.

After all what is a journey if you can’t enjoy it? And yes, that does include the mundane of shopping for toiletries and cleaning supplies as well as the exciting of new clothes (I am going to be in New York after all!) and decking my apartment out in my eclectic ME motif.

I admit sometimes it is hard, you get caught up in the drama -and in a small town to say there is no drama would be the understatement of the year, and with my family we could be the next All My Children, Hollywood take note!- and you ask yourself when I am getting out of here?

But like with everything else, growing-up, love, bills, family,  following your dreams, it doesn’t come without a price, sometimes you have to just take a deep breath and realize it is a learning journey, and that when I get to New York it will help me in ways I didn’t think possible, because after all as a friend said to me, “Failing in New York, is like succeeding in every other state.” And if I can take all the little irritants right now, then I am definitely on my way to making it.
Namaste peeps <3

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