Tips on Wrapping the Perfect Present

“For me growing up, Christmas time was always the most fantastic, exciting time of year, and you’d stay up until three in the morning. You’d hear the parents wrapping in the other room but you knew that also, maybe, they were in collusion with Santa Claus.” ~ Chris Pine

Wrapped Presents

I know, I know, Y’all are thinking isn’t it to early to wrap? Well not to be cliche and quote Kelly Clarkson, I personally LOVE wrapped presents under the tree. I feel like it makes it cozy and warm and just gives a better aesthetic then a tree with no presents. You don’t even have to open them! I always hated how we use to wrap only a week or so before Christmas and ALL that work was torn open on Christmas Day. You didn’t really have a chance to appreciate it. 


Not only do I try to do my shopping early, (I usually start the day after Christmas) but I will also wrap presents early. In fact mine are usually the first under the tree, and the last to be opened because they are shoved back there. It seems with the kind of year it has been, that everyone is getting preparations under way sooner, and with all the Black Friday deals which really were a WEEK of deals, we now have all the wrapping to do. 


I Love Wrapping

I know for a lot of people wrapping isn’t their thing. For me, I have always loved wrapping, and not to toot my own horn, but I am not a bad wrapper. In fact my Mom and Dad would have me wrapping presents when I was eight and nine because I was good at it, and chirping like a proud aunt, my nephew is also on his way to being a good wrapper! There is an art to it, and a rhythm. I admit the first few presents each year, resemble something out of a horror movie, but as they say practice makes perfect and that is definitely the case when it comes to wrapping.


I aslo am very picky when it comes to my wrapping paper, I like the more rustic prints and of course it has to be eco-friendly. I also love beautiful burlap ribbon and the traditional red and greens. It is so funny because it is the complete opposite of what I liked as a kid, which of course was all the glitz and gaudy glam. 


Tips on Wrapping 

Everyone has their own style of wrapping. And there are several ways to wrap. I always try not to be wasteful, and cut the paper according to the size of the present I am wrapping. I will then tape it (usually) horizontally on one end before folding the other end (for smooth seams) and taping that.


I will then fold one end at a time, pressing the corners in so they are smooth before again folding any rough seams, and then taping it. The first end is always trickier, because you can’t really leverage the other end without wrinkling the paper. When you work on the second side you can usually tilt the present up, to really get tight corners.


After I wrap the gift it is time for the fun part, decorating! If the gift is for a nephew or niece, I usually put a bow or ten on the packages. If it is for adults, I usually I will curl ribbon which you just cut the needed length and then carefully take the edge of the scissors along it for the desired curl. Sometimes you have to do it a couple times. But voila you have a pretty looking present! (….. and pretty paper) 


Do you like to wrap presents? 

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7 thoughts on “Tips on Wrapping the Perfect Present

  1. I am torn (lol) when it comes to wrapping! I love it and it’s so fun getting everything all nice and Christmass-y, but then a few presents in and I’m not always too thrilled 😂 it can be hard work sometimes! I am excited to wrap this year though 😍 so festive! Thanks for sharing doll x

  2. I also love wrapped presents beneath the tree and would leave them there until Easter! Yes you are a beautiful wrapper!

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