‘Tis the Season for Broadway Cares and Love

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” ~ Lao Tzu

“That time of year again,” is how many of the talented performers begin their plea for donations for Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS. Twice a year, Broadway shows will ask for pledges to raise money for this incredible foundation that does so much to raise money not just for AIDS, but for cancer, and health centers in the city.

One of those times is now, with the Holiday season about to get under way. I know what your thinking. Oh shucks really? I thought I was done being solicited with stuff, NOW I am going to be inundated with calls from charities?  The thing is, THIS is the time of year when they raise the most money. When we are (hopefully) more aware of those who are suffering this season.

There are so many organizations I feel strongly about. From Saint Jude’s to the Salvation Army to Special Olympics to Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS. While this post is about BC/EFA, if their is a charity or organization that you feel strongly about, I urge you to share some love this season, and also share them int he comments section below.


Since 1988 Broadway has been fore front in the fight against AIDS as well as cancer and raising money to not just find a cure, but to help those get treatment. To date they have raised over 285 million dollars through funding raising, not just after shows which also happens to give way to friendly rivalries between those performing on the Great White Way to see who can raise the most. But also through special performances, like Broadway Backwards, and the Broadway Flea Market.

They also put out a Christmas album every year, filled with carols from the Broadway stars themselves. Usually performed by the shows showing that year. It is a beautiful way to not just get into the holly jolly of the season, but also to give to an organization that does so much for people, with their outreach, grants, and availability to a wide variety of healthcare.

It is never easy asking for money, but with a wide range of products, from signed playbills, to tours, to holiday ornaments, many of the stars do it with a smile, much laughter, and genuine compassion for a cause they feel strongly about. You can’t help but open your wallet and wish you really did have the million they jokingly asked for.


This is an organization, that I feel so strongly about, BECAUSE of all the good they do. According to the CDC about 36.7 million people are living with HIV around the world. And about 39 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer in their life time according to the cancer society. Which means you will not only know someone, you have the chance of being affected as well. 

But with the funds that Broadway Cares raise, hopefully we won’t have to deal with this much longer. Hopefully we WILL find a cure.

I know we get inundated from thousands of charities and organizations to give. And I know funds get limited/ BUT it is the season of giving. Whether it to BC/EFA, or whether you give a few dollars to the woman on the street dancing her heart out as she rings that bell for the salvation army. Or maybe it isn’t monetary at all. But volunteering at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving, or helping to wrap presents for soldiers over seas.

Whatever is called to you let’s spread some cheer. Let’s spread some love. Let’s support each other.

What charities or organizations are you passionate about? Let me hear about them, please share their links in the comments, let’s unite and do some real good this season.

So much peace and love to you all <3

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