To All Women Out There…Thank You

“A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous. ~Coco Chanel


Throughout my life I have been influenced by strong, intelligent, soulfully beautiful, women.

Women who have taught me to follow my dreams no matter what society may dictate. No matter whether it is a woman’s job or a man’s job. As long as you have passion go for it.

Life isn’t about being typecasted into gender specific roles or being molded into a certain type of woman.

I have been influenced by women who took the corporate world by storm, and women who chose to stay at home and raise children. Women who have become acrobats at balancing it all, and women who have chosen a simpler existence.

They are my mother, my aunt, my sisters, and friends. Teachers, clerks, the mother in the grocery store with the screaming children and the wife waiting for her husband to return from war. The girl heartbroken over lost love and the bride marrying her groom. It is the old woman on the bus clasping her wedding ring and the fashionista strutting her stuff down the sidewalk. They are the women who are in your life since birth or come in for a fleeting moment.

They are the ones who teach me about life, love and the basics of existing in this crazy but amazing world.

The ones who have built each other up from a place of pure love and sunny warmth. And say no to the haters, bullies, and insecurities.

They have taught me to love myself through all my flaws and not be that porcelain doll on the shelf.

How to love others, but still take no crap. To own who I am and never apologize or be ashamed because I am a woman.

Because they themselves have paved the way. They jave decided whether to walk beside, behind or out front because it is THEIR choice. No one elses.

They are women, every woman that has ever come into your life, whether with a soft stroke, hard nudge, or slap on the head with an impact that will last a life time. This is for you and I honor you on this International Women’s Day. Thank you.

What woman influences you?


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