To Early For Christmas?

“Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.” ~ Dale Evans

Is it to early? 

Hi friends! Taking a break from NaNoWriMo for some Christmas Cheer! Whaaaa? I know! You are thinking seriously? It is only November third! (I already heard it on Insta friends, haters gonna hate.) but since Hallmark has been playing Christmas movies for over two weeks and it IS 2020, I am ready for some Christmas cheer. Christmas always brings me so much joy, and especially now, when the world around us is so volatile it is important to focus on the good. ON the warm and fuzzy. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to stick your head in the sand, (I do know what today is, and yes I AM doing my civic duty) but when you are constantly focusing on the negative. Consuming any and all negative thoughts and actions, life is going to seem and look pretty dismal. I am not a half empty kinda gal, which is why my Christmas tree went up on Sunday. 


Is it REALLY? 

Yay! Technically it went up a week ago Tuesday, but we decorated it on Sunday with the kiddos. And friends let me tell you it makes everything so much more cheerful and warm! Especially since we turned the clocks back on Halloween (boooo, literally) and it feels like the polar vortex has descended upon us yesterday and today, AND we got snow BEFORE Halloween. I will admit I am NOT ready for the cold weather!

SO no friends it is NOT to early. And it is bringing me a helluva lot of joy. And like I said, THAT is never a bad thing! SO bring on the holly jolly cheer! 


Baby I am back 

I am super excited because I will be participating for the second time in Blogmas! I say this and will probably jinx myself, but I feel like I have gotten my blogging mojo back somewhat. It has been a struggle since long before I left New York coming up with a consistent schedule, and just feeling inspired. I think I was honestly feeling burnt out. Which might sound surprising, but social media is also my day job, and it hasn’t always been a fun place to be around of late.

And while I cannot control the negativity or what other people say or post, I can control my little sliver of the cyber world, and bring joy and positivity, realistically and authentically, because guys I am NOT going to be positive about single digit temps….Ever. It is all about baby steps, y’all, baby steps, and I think, I have finally gotten my blogging mojo back, an early Christmas miracle! (to soon?) 


All the Holiday Content 

As I mentioned I will be doing Blogmas, so ALL the holiday content will be coming to you beginning December 1. That said, I can’t promise to NOT share holiday content beforehand. And actually if you follow me on my page, you will see I have already been posting a ton of gift guides, as well as holiday fashion inspiration. With the pandemic and shipping being what it is, it is definitely better to start early.

I will probably be sharing some Gift Guides, on here, but the best way to get holiday inspo is to follow me on my out. page. If you aren’t following me there already, I highly recommend doing so! It is super easy, you just download the (FREE!) app, Follow Liveinthenautical and happy shopping! And honestly even if you don’t follow me, there are so many amazing bloggers on there who deserve to be followed and have such great style, gift ideas and even home decor. So I highly highly recommend checking out. It will make your shopping experience SO much easier this holiday season and who doesn’t love easy? 


I also wanted to put blogging feelers out, and see if any of my blogging babes (or dudes 🙂 wanted to collaborate this Blogmas. Spread even more Christmas Cheer! You can shoot me a message on Insta or e-mail me at: I can not wait to create some holiday magic! 

Have an amazing day loves! Hang in there and Happy Holidays! We got this!  <3 


Is it to soon to be getting ready for Christmas? When do you start getting ready?

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7 thoughts on “To Early For Christmas?

  1. Yes, Kate! I love this so much – it’s NEVER too early for christmas! Also, exactly what you said – this year has been so crappy, some holiday cheer is encouraged! xx

  2. YES Kate! First of all – OBSESSED with the outfit babe! You look gorgeous!!! & I’m so excited for your Christmas content, just reading this post makes me feel all the festive cheer so thank you so much for sharing darling!!! So much love for you! HAPPY CHRISTMAS QUEEN!

  3. I’m SOOO in the mood for Christmas. I just put my tree up this week and I’m LOVINGG it! Idk what it is about this year but I’m just ready to be jolly and merry. Ive also been prowling my tv for alllll the Christmas movies, I guess I should download the Lifetime app!! Also, your outfit is 🔥 🔥 🔥 !!!

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