Traveling and Home

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” ~ George A. Moore


I feel like I say this every year, but Summer has literally flown by. It seems like just yesterday, I was getting excited for my birthday and now August is upon us. I can not complain to much, because with August here also comes my annual trip back home.

Every year for most of the month of August I head back to the Whites to hang with my family, feed my mermaid heart, and catch up with friends. My oldest sister, who also lives in New York, will drive up with her kids and it is a family reunion of sorts. I am lucky that much of my work I can do as long as I have my trustee aqua cased Mac-Book Pro named Marina and that very necessary thing called Wi-Fi.


And yes, I named my laptop…don’t judge!

I have been traveling a ton this summer, which makes my blonde jet setter heart go all a fluttering, but nothing beats getting on a plane headed to Portland, Maine. It is home. It is a place I can relax and breathe. I have written about going home before and out of all the places I have traveled, it is the one place that keeps drawing me back. There is nothing like experiencing all the comforts of an enchanting childhood over and over again.

In many ways it is the anchor in life. That one tangible place you can go to no matter where you are in the world. It is always there for you to go back to, no matter how much it may change or you have, the nostalgia is always there.


I haven’t always felt this way, but as I have gotten older and seen more of the world, I always feel that tug bringing me back to the Whites. Feeling the pull at my heart strings when I see the peak of Mount Washington as I drive back from Maine, as it towers over all the other mountains.

This year is a little different. I slipped in a couple weekend escape trips, while I am home. I flew back at the end of July, and while I of course had to sneak in a beach day at OOB with my friend, two days later I was on my way to the South Shore of Boston for some Mermaid Adventures.


And this weekend, I am headed to Bar Harbor Deuxième Partie (part two) to spend some QT with my Mer-twin. I am excited to be going back and even more ecstatic to see her.

While it might seem like Summer is moving faster then The Flash, this is the time I truly settle in and embrace it.


What are you doing this August? Do you have any last minute Summer adventures planned?  

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10 thoughts on “Traveling and Home

    1. Awe thank you sweets! This just made my day! And oh my gosh happy birthday month to you!!!! Eeeekkk! I hope you have an especially amazing month! <3

  1. Your summer adventures are to die for. Summer in New England really is so magical. You’re so lucky to say that Portland is home because oh em gee, I love Portland with all my heart. Such a beautiful place and I’m so happy to have ventured there myself. Going back ‘home’ is so comforting, I always feel a sense of empowerment when I go back ‘home’ (even if its only an hour away from me) I think it’s knowing that I’ve grown and created a new life outside of my hometown that really justifies my accomplishments. Anywho Marina is gorgeous and I’m sure a life long friend 🙂 I never thought to name my laptop but I feel like I should consider it 🙂 Love your beautiful photos too <3

    xo, JJ

    1. Thanks love! They really are! Everyone is a ski-bum where I am from, but really it is the Summers that own my heart!
      Portland is probably one of my favorite places in the world! If I moved back to NE, Maine (and probably around Portland) would be it. I love it!
      It really is! Girl you get me! Because that is exactly how I feel!
      Haha she is a real gem! Haha a lot of people name cars, I name my laptop lol. Thanks beauty! As always your comments brighten my day! <3

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