Tricks of the Social Media Trade

“Social media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to community.” ~ Simon Mainwaring

I have written before about marketing one’s self on social media and the different platforms that can be and are beneficial to connecting and promoting yourself. It isn’t just what you use, but HOW you use it. Social media isn’t abhorrently evil. Heck even my Grandmother is on the Facebook bandwagon! Yes it can be used to garner Kim K styled followers, or it can be used to promote a message. However you use it, there are times it can be overwhelming, and or stressful. Here are some ways I keep it less overwhelming so it isn’t just an enjoyable experience for all of us around, but I can also be my most authentic self.

I have what I call back-up posts.

While I try to write and be avant garde with my life, I can’t possibly write and post every day. I wish I could, but mama has her hands in way to many cookie jars to do that. So I have posts, like my What DO I Wear!?!? column that I have on reserve, to post on days my life is either A. boring (yes people, I do have those days) Or B. just to busy, but also still boring. Which is still a conundrum, who wants to read about work, school, work, school, Oh I pulled out my hair…And while yes I do try to keep it real with all of that stuff, talking about it 24/7 is not so interesting.


On days you can write, sit down do it, and do it in abundance. 

Seriously. This year, was a huge lesson for me with NaNo. The best writing advice I have been given while it might be considered cliche is the old adage of, “Write. Write. And write.”  No one published a book with blank pages-and a notepad does not count! Because of the sheer word volume, word goals are set daily and weekly for NaNo. Yet, for me the biggest trick was having binge writing days. In the end it worked, because it gave me enough cushion for when life wanted to be a bitch and throw havoc on my plans. I do it with school, I do it with blog posts, and I do it with writing. I have no problem admitting there are days, I don’t feel like writing. I try to do it every day. But some days, I really needn’t have bothered. The muse was not with me. Which is perfectly alright it is why you write in abundance.

Leave them wanting more. 

I admit I was guilty of this. Posting ten pictures a day on Instagram. But there is a beauty about posting one or two pictures or maybe if you are in a really cool place, or just have such stinking cute nephews and nieces three. But there is always tomorrow. When you inundate social media with posts and pictures, people are less likely to see them. I am not just talking about followers and the Like count, but friends and family will miss them too. Yes social media gives us that instant gratification of seeing all of our adventures. But patience is a virtue. And like with the back-up posts, there are days when you just have nothing to share, save those pics for a rainy day or better yet, just take a day off.

Write what your heart tells you too. 

Their is a reason I call myself the “Modern Renaissance Woman.” I can not be type-casted into one role and neither can this blog. Even my last, now defunct blog, “Small Town Asanas” ended up being a smorgasbord of topics. I tried, oh how I tried, to keep it about self-love, yoga, life lessons, grief and healing, and my subsequent evolving journey. It was the last part that really got me. Because it wasn’t about about my “journey” if I was censoring parts of myself. If I was keeping fashion or school, or family, or love or whatever doesn’t “fit” into my type-casted and labelled blog. Their is so much that is a part of me. I can not NOT share it. To not do so wouldn’t be me.

And this leads me to the most important tip.

Be Authentic

Seriously. Yes social media can make it so easy to be bubbly and happy or only portray one part of your life. While yes, their are things that I don’t talk about much, which I will actually touch on in the next week or two. (Teaser, it may or may not have to do with a….Gasps! Boy!) The fact is, I don’t censor myself. I am honest. Feelings, opinions, the good the bad, it is all real and that is the most important part when you have any kind of social media account. Be REAL. Be AUTHENTIC. Let the world know YOU. Not the ideal version or some type casted role like in a play. But YOU. That in the end, is what will make you a success. Because when you are your truest self, you are also your happiest.

As always thoughts and opinions are welcome.

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