Unintentional Intentional Blogging Break

“I think it’s important to make art for a myriad of reasons. The least of which is that I think laughter is medicinal, and I think there is an escapism aspect – an act of self-care.” ~ Natasha Rothwell

Blogging Breaks

Long time no chat guys. I think it is safe to say that lately I have sucked at social media. And honestly, I could give to figs. I know that sounds horrible, and I know I am being brutally honest and perhaps just a touch uncouth, but sometimes you have to take a step back and take care of yourself first.

Frankly, I haven’t even been beating myself up (to much) about not posting, which is a first, and just might show how much I needed it. Usually I feel the pressure, the clacking keys their own ticking clock, but the last two weeks I just let the apps lay dormant, and my phone battery die and while that is usually a cause for anxiety, I was content with going into a cocoon.


Blogging Burnout

As my friend told me this past weekend, I have been dealing with a lot, for a long while. Some of which I haven’t even posted on here. While I am a Type-A overachiever, I have been juggling more then I can handle. As much as I loved doing it, and am so proud I did do it, Blogmas kicked my booty and I think for the first time since I started blogging on the now defunct LiveJournal, when I was even shorter then I am now, I finally ended up with blogger burnout. It is real guys!

People can say what they want. But blogging is a job. An extremely time consuming, most times sedentary, tedious, not all glamorous, but gritty job. It isn’t just picture taking, and writing prolific posts. But countless editing, and more editing, formatting, stressing over analytics, building a brand and thus followers, creating content you not only connect with, but is relevant, and so many minutiae tasks that go on behind the scenes before people see the finished product. I am not saying this to complain, because I love blogging, I really do, but every dream job has its pros and cons. Every job gets vacation time and when you work for yourself, especially in an industry where you are always creating, even when you travel for vacations, it can be hard to remember to detach and detox, until life inexplicably does it for you.


Detaching and Detoxing

That is what happened a couple weeks ago, when my grandmother tragically and inexplicably ended up in Intensive Care, before passing away. Not only was I trying to handle my own grief, but that of my familys’. For me, withdrawing from people is a (sometimes unhealthy) coping mechanism I revert to, when I am going through a hard period. I wanted and needed to be present for my family and catch up with them as we all gathered to say good-bye to our matriarch.

Detaching from blogging and social media, was an unconscious, but incredibly necessary action, I didn’t even realize I had done until after the fact. God, The Universe, whatever you believe in, they will give you the signs you need even when you don’t always listen.


Blog Breathing 

Even when I don’t post, I am thinking about posting, feeling the pressures of posting, living, breathing anything to do with my blog and social media. I jokingly call it blog breathing. As a former yoga instructor, but still yogi, breathing and meditating is incredibly important, but sometimes my breath turns into blog breathing. Even when I am meditating, I still will think of my blog.

My blogging muse is seriously type-a!

During my social media hiatus, while I would be remiss to say I didn’t think of my blog or Instagram, I felt none of the pressure and it felt amazing. Further more, I have so much content spinning around in my head, I feel rejuvenated and excited again.


While being go, go, go, is great, you also cannot forget to take time for yourself. To detach and detox, even if it is for an hour. It not only will give you clarity, but it also makes you incredibly grateful. It will probably take me a month to respond to all my messages, but the last few weeks I was reminded of how frickin incredible this community is and how lucky I am for not just the connections I have made, but the very real friendships that have developed from blogging, and that I continue to make.

Every career has pro’s and con’s and sometimes we need to step back to really appreciate  what we are doing and where life is taking us and there is nothing wrong with that, because no matter what, being a blogger and following my dreams is exactly what I want to be doing.


Do you ever need a blogging break? Do you get blogger burnout? How do you deal with it? 

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9 thoughts on “Unintentional Intentional Blogging Break

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. So sad 🙁

    I think what helps me with blogging the most is the SCHEDULING feature. When I have some spare time I write lots of little posts. I schedule them or store them in my drafts folder. That means that whenever I need a break, there is still a huge amount of material all stashed up for a rainy day.

    What tends to happen is that those posts go out there and I receive some lovely comments back, and it gradually stirs my enthusiasm to write fresh posts and interact with other bloggers again.

    However, I keep blogging as a hobby. I won’t let it interfere with me enjoying life and spending time doing all the things I want to do and being with my friends. I just find it a more enjoyable way to use hour before I go to bed, instead of TV. TV is so blah!

  2. I definitely get burnt out and with work, exercising and daily life, blogging is something I want to do but it’s almost pushing myself too far sometimes. So I totally get it. Sometimes a digital detox is needed. Sending love💕 x

  3. It’s not secret that blogging work can become tedious, and almost a chore sometimes, but I think the general consensus is that many bloggers keep going with their work for those few, if not many, proud moments when you’ve just published something you’re proud of, something you worked hard for, and although blogging is in no way about the statistical things in the end, seeing your posts grow and receive recognition is always a “pro” in the blogging universe.
    We all have our moments where we’re either dealing with writer’s block, or, as you’ve said, “blog breathing”, but I do think it get’s better, and I do think, in the end, it’s most certainly worth it. 🙂

  4. I’m glad to see you back! Over the last couple of years, my own blogging has been crazily intermittent, but it is what it is. Self care first!

  5. Sorry again about your grandmother. This post was so relatable!!! Blogging is definitely a challenge job, and you’re right, those thoughts about posting don’t go away. Taking time to refresh our body and minds is so important though.

  6. So sorry for your loss. I read your other post about your grandmother and it sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful bond and had some great memories. I lost my maternal grandmother 10 years ago and it still guts me. There’s just something so special about the relationship between a grandmother and their grand daughter. We are so fortunate to have had them in our lives. I always feel so terrible for people who have lost their grandparents very early in life and haven’t gotten to experience the magic.

  7. Blogging burnout is definitely real! Good for you recognizing that you needed some time away. There is so much pressure to grow and post and share and be social in the blogging world but it’s okay to stop and take care of yourself.

    It’s funny, I went through my own blogging burnout last Fall and I basically didn’t post for two months… and my stats somehow doubled. Even though there is all this pressure to keep creating content day after day a few weeks away won’t make or break your blog! Sometimes space is exactly what it needs. I hope you’re doing okay, and I’m sorry for yours and your family’s loss.

  8. I have gone through so many breaks since I started blogging; I lost count! Last year, I stopped posting in like April and just started again this January. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Grieving does require time to heal and thank you so much for sharing. Sending love your way.

  9. Gosh, I resonate with all of this. I am so happy to hear the time away rejuvenated you and re-inspired that passion and creativity! Not sure I tell you this enough- but your blog is one of my all-time favorites- ever ever, and I admire you as a blogger, friend and human being. You are treasured by this community, and know you are supported no matter what or however much time you decide you need away (if you do again). Thankful for youuu <3

    And I know I texted you, but again, so sorry about the loss of your Grandma. Sending you the most massive hugs and praying for you and your family <3

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