“Social media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to community.” ~Simon Mainwaring

I am not technologically savvy. I have never gone crazy over apps or had to have a thousand of them on my phone. I don’t even have the Facebook app, or messenger on my phone! I prefer to keep it clutter and social media free thank you.

Do they make certain aspects of life easier? Most definitely! I love the calculator app. Thank you for making splitting bills easier. I will admit they do make time go by faster on the subway with Words With Friends (I know so last 2012) and Bejeweled (sadly even older) and even help me look crazy when I practice my Russian. I swear I am not talking to myself. I swear it!

But I have to be honest here, I am geeking out over this (new to me) app called Venmo. Even the name is fun! I just want to keep saying, “Venmo. Venmo. Venmo. Venmo. Venmo.” Think ah la Stephanie Tanner (Cute Stephanie not modern day Stephanie)

Venmo. Venmo. Venmo.

Okay I am done. In part because Autocorrect is hell bent on changing it to venom. Nope. It is Venmo. I digress. Onto what is so fabulous about this app:

In an era where carrying cash is nonexistent, and everyone is charging it, this takes it to the next level. It is like if your banking app and Twitter married and had a baby. It is paypal but with snapchat blended in. Venmo lets you go out with friends, but takes the hassle of worrying if you have enough cash. It makes it easier so you don’t have to be THAT group that takes twenty minutes explaining to the waitress how to split the bill ten different ways.


It also makes it easier if you buy Broadway tickets, or are renting a house out in the Hamptons with a large group of people.

You just link Venmo up to your bank or a credit or debit card (be warned their is a small fee involved with the latter) and let the transfers begin. You can also leave an ongoing balance in your Venmo account.

You can see and add friends who have Venmo accounts. Leave messages for them when you pay, which may or may not include going crazy with the emojis and a heavy dose of comedy. I have seen many “Paid for Sex,” put as reason for a money exchange as well as other comedic and highly inappropriate innuendos. Yes, most of my friends do in fact have their heads in the gutters. At least it does make a pretty funny read when scrolling through. Let us just hope the IRS doesn’t read these also!

It is such a fun and easy way to get and give money that you laugh if you are the receiver and don’t even cry if you are the ower. I am seriously obsessed!

Have you used this app? What do you think of it?


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