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“Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm.” – John F. Kennedy.

Cherry Blossom Season 

Is there anything better than Cherry Blossom Season? I don’t think so! While DC is known as the capital of the United States as well as for all the political intrigue, drama, and at times downright ugliness that comes with all of that. Every year, for a few very short weeks it shines with incredible beauty (as well as as has tourists descend upon it, and yes I am guilty as charged). The grayness of winter dissipates, and the promise of spring and summer are just around the corner. DC’s cherry blossoms really are its shining glory, and you haven’t REALLY lived until you visit DC when they are in bloom.

I have been lucky to visit several times, and each time it not only feels like a dream, but it brings me SO much joy! Living in New York it is a fairly quick train ride to DC, and while it is a lot you could potentially od it in a day, or like I have done thirty-six hours. And while the cherry blossoms, and the botanical gardens are MY favorite places, DC has stunning architecture, and is quite the hidden food gem. I am rounding up some of my favorite places to eat and bonus they are all with-in walking distance of the National Mall.


If there was ever a restaurant that I wish was a chain, it would be Fruitive. I DREAM about this place, and want to go back so badly. From the surprising instagrammable decor for a restaurant bordering on the more fast food side of things, to the food itself, it is one of my favorite restaurants. Everything is vegan, fresh, and organic, and they have tons of gluten free options. They specialize in smoothies, super berry bowls, which is their take on açaí bowls, and waffles, as well as have wraps, avocado toast, soups, and salads, and overnight oats.

While it is fast food in as you order at the counter, everything is made fresh, and you have your choice of doing take out, or dining in, and the decor is so cute and chic. I ordered their sweet berry waffle which was phenomenal. It was incredibly filling, while still so yummy. If I lived in DC I literally would eat here every day.


Friends it is no secret that I have a Peet’s obsession, and when I found out that there literally is a Peet’s on every corner (they bought a local DC coffee chain and turned the shops into Peet’s) I legit fan-girded so hard that my friend was laughing at me. Peet’s just might be my favorite coffee, and their Spanish lattes are the best! There is nothing better then walking around DC, admiring the cherry blossoms and holding a Peet’s in my hand.

Fig and Olive

After spending hours sightseeing we were famished and ended up at a try and true restaurant Fig and Olive which is a high end restaurant chain that has locations in six US cities, including New York. I am a frequent visitor to the location in New York and since my friend I was with had never been, we headed to the one right near our hotel. It is French inspired farm to table food with vegan and GF options.

We started with a vegetable carpaccio which was out of this world, and then both my friend and I had the asparagus and scallop risotto. We then opted for desert with my friend getting the berry crostini and I got the pot de creme, with meringue and praline on top. It was so yummy and the perfect way to finish the evening.

Founding Farmer’s

Just three blocks from the White House and Washington Mall, Founding Farmer’s is the perfect spot to grab some breakfast and then go sightseeing. It is a melting pot of southern comfort, mixed with more traditional American classics. Everything is fresh handmade in house, and they emphasis sustainability. They also have an extensive brunch cocktail list, with a unique spin on the classics. I had the strawberry fizz which had vodka, strawberries, vanilla, and lime in it and was topped with foamed sweet egg whites. It was SO yummy! I got the poached egg hash with tomato and onion in a hollandaise sauce and it was scrumptious.

I can honestly say I have not had a bad meal in DC, and I can not wait to go back to explore and eat some more. It really is a hidden culinary oasis.

Have you been to DC during the Cherry Blossom Season? What is your favorite restaurant in DC? 

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