Wander Eats: Eating in Nantucket

“The table is a meeting place, a gathering ground, the source of sustenance and nourishment, festivity, safety, and satisfaction. A person cooking is a person giving: Even the simplest food is a gift.” ~ Laurie Colwin

All the Food

Prepare yourselves, if you are hungry GO get a snack. If you are NOT hungry STILL go get a snack. This post is ALL about the food in Nantucket and it made ME hungry compiling it. I had some of the best meals when I was in Nantucket. Much of our trip was spent eating in, and with that gorgeous patio set, it would have been sacrilegious NOT to! We also tried some of the local fare (and drink) and Nantucket did NOT disappoint.


Eating In

My cousins and I are all decent cooks, and before we so much as even stepped onto the island, Morgan and I stopped at Trader Joes to buy as much food, as we could fit into her suitcase to bring with us.


We figured food (and booze, cannot forget the spirits!) would be more expensive on the island, and while we wouldn’t have enough for the whole week, nor could we purchase everything, any little bit would help cut down on cost.


The island actually had two Stop and Shops, one which was right near our AirBnB, as was a liquor store. Surprisingly, it wasn’t ridiculously expensive to buy food and coming from New York the prices were comparable.


Morgan’s husband Michael manned (pun intended) the grill, cooking us lobster tails,


Clams, shrimp,


Ribs, several different kinds of steak, fish, veggies (my cousin is vegetarian), burgers, and chicken.


My cousin and I made pasta salad (including a gluten free one for me). She made a potato salad, which is a recipe our moms got from our grandmother, and I made my famous guac. We were very definitely fat and happy while on vacation.


Vacation isn’t vacay without some imbibing and we bought bloody mary and margarita mixes as well as liquors to make at home.


While it didn’t have the brown sugared bacon from Breakfast Republic, it did have garlic and blue cheese stuffed olives mixed with jalapeño vodka. They were insanely tasty and addicting!


We also bought boxed wine, (who does not love boxed wine?) which not only made Cards Against Humanity highly entertaining (and who doesn’t love Cards Against Humanity?) but also helped keep us hydrated at the beach.


Water is in that…I swear!


On our first morning in Nantucket my cousins and I went for a run. Afterwards we decided to grab a smoothie at a cafe called Yummy. And lord was it Yummy!


Yummy is a take-out cafe with outdoor seating. Besides smoothies, they serve sandwiches and ice cream that was mighty tempting after my run. I got the ocean breeze which had strawberries, mango, almond milk and spinach in it. It was SO yummy (sorry I can’t resist) I could have had ten of them. Not to sweet, but sweet enough, it hit the spot. I also got ice coffee, cause yo girl needs her caffeine!

Side note: Guys I drank Keurig coffee in Nantucket. I think hell froze over!


That mug was NOT just for picture taking! Okay moving on….


On our first night in Nantucket, it was just my cousins and I and we decided to eat out. Our AirBnB’s host father (a mouthful) had stopped by and given as tips on places to go, Ventuno being one of them.


Ventuno is a somewhat upscale restaurant and outdoor bar, that is a hybrid of the Italian countryside and New England. And I was obsessed. We sat outside on the patio, which had ferry lights and an overhang. The staff was friendly and attentive and the food was superb.


I got the soft shelled crab and risotto, and for desert I got a rose infused pana cotta. It was simple, elegant and refreshing.


Island Coffee

You know how I am with local coffee shops, and despite putting to good use the AirBnB’s Keurig machine, I had to go to a coffee shop at least once.


Island coffee is well known for its caffeine dealer ways. Located in downtown Nantucket, like many eateries on the island, it had a small counter to order at and another counter to fix your coffee. Alas there was no place to sit and you had to take it to go. BUT, they did have delicious AND gourmet styled coffee. I didn’t try any of their lattes, but I did, get their cold brew with a pump of white mocha in it and it was delicious.


The Tavern 

The Tavern is a casual yet spacious bar and restaurant with pub fare, that was simple and fresh without being greasy or heavy.


We ended up eating here twice, the first time stumbling on it after paddle boarding when were famished and the second before we boarded the ferry.


We had the oysters to share.


And I got lettuce wraps with shrimp on them which were out of this world.


I don’t know what they used for the sauce, but it was delicious and I got them again when we went back.


Their drinks were also quite yummy (and dangerous) channeling the island vibe they had an assortment from long island ice teas to daiquiris to a coconut mudslide, which is what I got and it was delicious!



Despite Nantucket being a coastal island, many of the bars trend towards the dressier side. It was because of this, we ended up at Petrichor, a wine bar nestled in a courtyard behind a hotel. In their inaugural year, they not only had an extensive wine list, but were incredibly friendly, accommodating, knowledgable AND dog friendly. It is such a hidden gem, one you NEED to go to if you are in Nantucket!


Cisco Brewers

For a day spent day drinking, wine and beer tasting, and just chilling in a cool atmosphere, Cisco Brewers is THE place to go.


A Winery, Brewery, and Distillery, there is truly something for everyone to drink and enjoy, from handcrafted beers, to creative cocktails, to a simple yet refreshing glass of pinot, they even have nonalcoholic beverages.


It is a sprawling complex with loads of New England flavor and a touch of a more Caribbean Island vibe. Built around a wide open space, where you can sit, stand, dance, and of course drink.


They are always hosting events, and regularly have live music.


It was packed when we went, and while finding seats was difficult, service was speedy, and the people watching quite entertaining.


The Juice Bar

I am a true Gemini and love contradictions. The Juice Bar is definitely that because not only do they sell fresh squeezed juices, but they also sell the most decadent ice cream I have ever had. It was so good we ended up going twice!


The Juice Bar much like Island Coffee, though bigger, is a gourmet stand with a line out the door, which at times went on for blocks. They have a menu outside, so you can order quickly once you get to the front, making the line move fairly quickly. The first time I went I got coffee ice cream with the best caramel sauce, I have ever had. I could have eating a bowl fo that!0D4432C9-CFE7-4518-962F-0B69D59342C3

Located close to the ferry, we couldn’t resist going again before we left Nantucket. Guys apparently I saved the best for last, because I had the most amazing peanut butter cup ice cream known to the human population. Legit, It was SO flipping good, I still have dreams about it. I don’t know what they did, but there was some magic mojo in it! I instantly wished I had gotten a bigger size, I could have eaten a gallon of it!


Are you hungry yet? What is your favorite food to get when you go to a coastal town? 

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8 thoughts on “Wander Eats: Eating in Nantucket

  1. The food all look good. We usually try the local food in the country we visited. But we also try the high end dining like Michelin star if they have it as it is really a pampering and we can try the country speciality.

  2. AHHHHHH OH MY GOD, ALL OF THIS LOOKS ABSOLUTELY DELISH! I’m..i’m definitely craving that snack you told me to get *le sigh*. I love seafood when I’m in coastal towns – it’s just so fresh and delicious!xx

  3. Nantucket is so freaking cute! & SO ARE YOU! All of the photos of you are adorable & don’t get me started on the food because I’m already drooling! Gimme all the seafood & drinks!! ♡

  4. Omg the guac, lettuce wraps!!!!! Your right, I’m so hungry already!!! And all those drinks look delicious, I’ll have to force myself to have some self control today lol

  5. Mmmm all this food is making me hungry 😍 I love getting seafood while in coastal areas and while I was in Canada I had a lot of seafood chowder when I was near the water xx

  6. ‘A person cooking is a person giving’ love that! Such a sweet quote and so true!
    Absolutely adore that photo of you in the purple/y outfit with the braids and sunhat, you look gorgeous!
    That smoothie sounds literally yummy! Although I’ve never had spinach in a smoothie before, was the taste quite noticeable? I do love spinach though!

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