Wander Eats: Happy National Ice Cream Day

“I love dessert. All kinds. But there’s something about ice cream that makes me happy. I am drawn to its simplicity. I am perplexed by the endless supply of constantly growing flavor options. And I am always in the mood for sprinkles and a sugar cone.” ~ Rachel Nichols

National Something Day

Hello beautiful readers! Have we all recovered from Prime Day(s)? More importantly, have our piggy banks recovered? I am quite proud of myself, I didn’t do to much damage, I only bought this jacket which I have been coveting for at least a year, and after much soul searching and debating because the price was just to good to pass, but I was being a cheapskate, snagged the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer. I can not wait to let you all know what I think of it. Every blogger I know, who has bought it, has raved about it.


I also didn’t and probably won’t, despite it being open to the public now, do any damage at the NSale.

Alas, this post isn’t about me being thrifty or showing restraint. In fact, it is the absolute OPPOSITE. Y’all know about my proud coffee addiction, but I have to confess I have another addiction that I NEED to get off my chest. Since it is National Ice Cream Day what better day to do s0 then today? Yes, dear readers, I have an ice cream addiction and today is a holiday for us all!


Okay, okay, I am being slightly dramatic, but I really do love me some ice cream! It is my dessert of choice! Since every day seems to be National Something Day, I usually ignore them, but National Ice Cream Day is right up there with Christmas, if not more important, and it deserves its’ time in the spotlight.

All Day Everyday

As a former pastry chef, loving dessert is in my DNA. Sugar is as much a part of my blood as coffee is. Yet, while I might be being slightly (only slightly) dramatic, there is no denying that one dessert triumphs over them all. Nothing is better then the decadent icy dessert that melts all that creamy sweetness in your mouth. It is one if not MY favorite desserts. Yup I said it. I am an ice cream-holic.


Let’s be honest, I could eat a whole pint of ice cream and I don’t even need the excuse of “Drowning my sorrows” to do it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course a quick snack, I could eat it 24/7, all day every day, including year round! As Elsa said, “the cold never bothered me anyway,” and it will NOT stop me from eating ice cream, even if it is negative twenty out.

Maybe it is the mermaid in me, but nothing is better then savoring the sweet treat, while sitting on the beach, listening to the waves. Ice cream and the ocean go together like peanut butter and jelly. It evokes childhood memories of wave jumping with sticky ice cream mustaches, (when my mom didn’t see them to clean off our faces) and sandy bums. Ice cream along with beach days is the epitome of summer.


Endless Options

As the above quote states, the flavors are ENDLESS. Ice Cream is that dessert, that never gets old, because people are always reinventing it. From the now trendy rolled ice cream, to little ice cream beads known as Dippin’ Dots, to even frying it, soft serve in a sugar cone, (though that is yummy too) is no longer your only option in enjoying this frozen goodness. Thanks to all the new creative ways to eat it, ice cream is that one dessert that will always be en vogue.

Creative serving techniques aren’t the only thing that keeps ice cream fresh, there are literally thousands of flavors and new ones are being created daily, which means there is a flavor for even the most exotic of taste buds! And you don’t have to just go to an ice cream shop, thanks to Ben and Jerrys, Breyers, SO Delicious, and other ice cream companies, you can find some of these crazy combinations in the food store!


Ice cream isn’t just for the dairyholics in us all. In recent years it has even become allergen friendly from dairy free recipes, to gluten free cookie dough, to some brands offering vegan options, everyone gets to partake in this frozen treat. It truly is the ultimate sweet uniter!

My Favorite Flavor

Despite the thousands of flavors out there, sometimes simple is better. My ice cream flavor of choice reflects that. Nothing is better then good ol’ soft churned vanilla bean ice cream. Vanilla is such a blank canvas. It is sweet and creamy without being rich and overpowering like chocolate ice cream.


Yes, I am unapologetically throwing shade at chocolate. While I love my frozen treats, you won’t find me eating chocolate ice cream anytime soon. Where the vanilla is subtle and refreshing, chocolate ice cream  overwhelms the taste buds, or at least mine. After only a couple bites, I am reaching for the water and craving a salad, where as I can eat my weight in vanilla ten times over.

Vanilla ice cream can be paired with anything. It can be showcased as its own dessert or a scoop (or ten) can be added to cake or pie elevating it to true decadence. I don’t think there is a topping that doesn’t work from fruit, to sauces, to candy to cookie dough, to all of the above, anything you pair it with is delicious. Vanilla ice cream can do NO wrong with the taste buds.


For me the ultimate decadence is vanilla ice cream, paired with caramel drizzle (another obsession) and maybe some (or a lot of) whipped cream, but PEASE hold the cherry! Yes I also don’t like the cherries. (WHAT is wrong with me?) It is simple heaven in a pint, and a true party in the mouth!

Happiness in a Pint

Vanilla and caramel might be my rides or die for life, I do love trying other flavors, especially when I travel. A place’s ice cream shop is almost as important as their coffee shops. One of the most unique flavors (though not in Europe) I have tried, was olive oil ice cream at the Beard Cat’s Sweet Shop on Sullivan’s Island. It sounds crazy, but what was crazier was I loved it! It was the perfect combination of salty and sweet and was SO creamy. Ten/ten I would try it again.

Whether it is eating ice cream out of Chinese take-out containers at the Sweet Shop in New York City, (a must go to) an ice cream shop that serves as a front for a speakeasy also in New York, (UES) enjoying a huge cone from the Juice Bar on Nantucket, (another must go to) or eating it directly from a container while sitting in your apartment, (guilty) ice cream rightfully deserves to be celebrate. It is the ultimate happiness in a pint, and don’t we all deserve a bit of delicious happiness? I hope where ever you are you get to celebrate today with your favorite ice cream! Happy National Ice Cream Day Loves!


Do you love ice cream? What is your favorite flavor? what is the best ice cream you have ever had?

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6 thoughts on “Wander Eats: Happy National Ice Cream Day

  1. Omg yes! We love ice cream. I totally get what you mean about Vanilla ice cream being more subtle than chocolate, almost in a way that it feels lighter however I’m always going to ve a chocolate ice cream gal. Forever and ever it’s my favourite hehe! I also like Strawberry ice cream but I don’t get it enough, and I do like vanilla, like you say with other things too like cake it’s so yummy 😍😍 The Olive Oil ice cream sounds v interesting indeed… I’m never experimental with my ice cream though. I like to get what I know I like 😂 the most wild flavour I’ve ever tried is… white chocolate hahaha! So adventurous! Maybe when I go to Italy next year, I will experiment with more flavours!!! Enjoy your ice cream today Kate! Xx

  2. Oh my gosh I cant believe I missed national ice cream day! And I’m the same as you, ice cream is one of my weaknesses I cannot stop eating it even though I’m trying to be better at my eating habits lol

  3. I still think it’s so cool that you were a pastry chef and I totally want to hear more about that!! I love that your favorite flavor of ice cream is good ‘ol vanilla bean!

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