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“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ~ Virginia Woolf

New York Food Scene 

New York is known as a foodie mecca. And it is well deserved. There are a TON of restaurants in the city. While people joke about the amount of Starbucks on every block, there are even more restaurants, sometimes three and four taking up coveted real estate.  As a New Yorker, it can be difficult to decide where to satisfy one’s appetite.



And as a human, it is even harder to experiment, when you find a place you love and just want to eat there all the darn time. Yes guys, the restaurants of New York cause severe guilt. Not from over-eating, but sticking to the favs, when there are SO many delectable options.


It is a true testament to the restaurants that not only keep patrons coming back, but that are able to stick around, despite exorbitant rental fees from landlords.

Little Beet Table

Little Beet Table is one of those restaurants. This farm to table restaurant is at once woodsy, yet still hipster chic. The decor is reminiscent of a restaurant in the French country side as opposed to the hustle and bustle of Midtown Manhattan.


While it at first appears to be a hole in the wall, it is incredibly spacious with lots of seating as well as a fully stocked bar. It also has a huge secret, that typically everyone who goes there knows about.

The whole menu is gluten free. Celiac’s rejoice!


While the restaurant is completely gluten free, the waitstaff are well-educated on other allergens and are always incredibly helpful explaining food, and how to adapt dishes. Some restaurants are sticklers when it comes to substitutions, but not Little Beet. They strive to make it the best dining experience for their customers, from helpful wait staff, to delicious tasting food. Many GF dishes end up sacrificing taste, but I have taken many of my friends here who would never have known the difference if I hadn’t told them.



If you live in New York, brunch is a religion in of itself. Everyone adores brunch. The two for ones, the endless buffets, the hours upon hours sitting and hanging with friends and family catching up, and of course the unlimited booze. It is an event that is held every weekend on Saturdays AND Sundays that we live for.


Little Beet kills the brunch game with delicious foods, scrumptiously strong drinks, and impeccable ambience.


While they don’t have two for ones or unlimited booze (unfortunately) they serve both traditional drinks like bloody marys and mimosas, as well as more exotic concoctions like a chai martini.


The food is stuff of dreams. Their french toast alone is going to haunt you for days until you go back the following Sunday to satisfy the craving. Served with fresh fruit and creme fraiche, it is delicious.


Their banana bread is also dream worthy. You get the whole entire loaf, and while it might be wise to share, it is perfectly acceptable to eat the whole thing by yourself. Spread the hazelnut butter on it and you will have a party in your mouth.


While it might seem like Little Beet Table’s brunch is carb overload, they do serve more savory dishes, like a salmon benedict, salads, soups, and even a quinoa bowl. This is a restaurant where health is emphasized, though they never sacrifice taste.



Dinner is actually how Little Beet snagged me in the first place. Much of the food they serve, is something you would find at a classic American restaurant, but with their own healthy delicious GF spin on it. Their burger is one of my favorites, and instead of french fries they serve sweet potato slices that you can also order as a side, because they are THAT yummy.


They offer the same lunch and dinner menu, and many of the dishes are also offered at brunch, like their famed burger.



I would, and do, go here just for the drinks alone. Little Beet is always putting their own spin on classic dishes and that extends to drinks as well. They don’t just serve a spicy margarita, but a spicy grapefruit margarita.


There have been times where I wasn’t sure about the ingredient list, but somehow it seems to work every single time. There is not a drink I haven’t tried, that I do not like.


One of my favs

The Little Beet Table is a restaurant that has reeled me in and kept me coming back. Not just because it is GF, and I do not have to worry about cross contamination. Nor is it just because the food is incredibly delicious. Nor because of the ambience and impeccable service.


It is ALL of the above. They are the triple threat. They have a model and a setting that works. Located in Midtown, they are that sanctuary people crave, when they need not just great food, but some peace, quiet, and a little bit of the country. And now I am hungry.


Do you have a favorite brunch spot? Have you been to The Little Beet Table? 

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28 thoughts on “Wander Eats: Little Beet Table

  1. I am going to print this out right now and stick it in my guidebook for the next time Mr. Right and I come to NYC. It looks like a real find — one of those rare places that does EVERYTHING well. If I lived there I would be a regular too. xx

  2. the french toast looks spectacular & I love that they have banana bread omg! that burger looks delicious as well & can’t turn down a yummy cocktail! all these pics made me so hungry 😂

  3. I love the word linner! This place sounds fab and they fact they offer gluten-free for a lot of food is well is great 🙂

  4. Your girl got off work this morning (some over staffing) so guesssss what that means. Catching up on yo blog! WOOOHOOO! I can already tell I’m gonna love this post- yaaassss little beet table looks like my kinda place!!! Gosh that food looks so good.

    LOL. Yessss. Brunch is truly a staple.

    BLOOOODY! Gosh that looks delicious. I just started trying bloody marys this past year and discovered they can taste sooo different wherever you go. Do you have a favorite place for a NYC bloody!? Is it little beet’s?

    Ok. Need to go get a snack after seeing this French toast. BRB.

    Ok back. I have a protein bar, I’m gonna pretend it’s half as good as that French toast.

    Not working.

    Anyways, no such thing as carb overload. Only carb proper-load. That’s what I say!!

    That watermelon marg (is that the grapefruit one?) looks so refreshing. YUM.

    Also you are stunning in these photos per usual. You have me sold on this place. The photos you took are awesome too- I feel like I could reach out and grab that French toast (too bad I can’t, but a girl can dream). Can you tell I’ve had to much coffee this AM? XO

    1. Ahhh Mack comments YAY!
      GIRL you would LOVE it! It is SO yummy! And bloody marys are my jam! SO good! Actually one of my favorite Bloody Marys EVER was in SF! I will have to pull that post up because you HAVE to go there! And little beets is definitely up there!
      BWAHAHA you are hysterical! I love you!
      If only these pictures would come to life!
      Right? especially at brunch!
      Yes it is the grapefruit one and it is SO yummy!
      Awe thank you sweets yo are way to kind! Bwahaha, I love caffeinated Mack! 🙂 <3

        1. Caffe Union it is on Union (LOL) street between Laguna and Octavia. So yummy and they had great rancheros AND they have outdoor seating. SO yummy now my mouth is watering and I want to go back lol. <3

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