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Cafe society is as old as the hills.Starbucks and its imitators are the coffee face of the new man in a hurry. ~ Ian Anderson

New York Cafes 

There is no doubt New York’s coffee shop and cafe game is strong. There is literally something for everyone. And while you have the chains, like Le Pain, and of course Starbucks, many of the cafe’s and shops are unique and represent the neighborhoods they are in. The Upper East Side and Lower East Side especially have held some of my favorites over the years. In a city that never sleeps, neither does the landscape. It is always changing and I ave had to say good-bye to some sweet friends aka coffee shops that I called home to like DTUT and Cafe Jax.

None though hit harder the when when Maison Kayser closed a few years ago. (thanks covid) I legit cried. It wasn’t just a coffee shop, but a true French European style cafe. With delicious food, great ambiance, and all the Parisian flare (and pastries!) I could desire. And did I mention the coffee? Their cappuccino was stuff of dreams! And the memories I created their especially with my Mertwin I will hold forever in my heart.


I shouldn’t have feared, because in a city that truly doesn’t sleep, craves all the java and has a special love affair with its Parisian counter-part, a new French cafe has arisen and dare I say it, it might just be better then Maison Kayser. It is definitely a more Instagrammable worthy shop slash cafe. Maman is the crown jewel (cafe) we all needed and I am obsessed! And yes, you definitely read the name correctly. Maman which is french for Mom. Aweeee.

Every cafe is decorated as I mentioned to Instagram worthiness with flowered walls, toiled wallpaper, and a rustic, yet elegant look. The attention to detail is second to none and it has created a calming oasis in a very busy city. They have multiple locations and are expanding what feels like daily, but each location pays homage to the neighborhood they occupy which I love.

Something else I adore? Is their approach to community. In a world that is so tech heavy, they emphasis interaction whether with a friend or making a new friend and they have banned laptops at ALL their stores. They also don’t have wifi.They urge you to interact with people, read a book or like their name to even call your Maman. Is there anything sweeter?

The food

It isn’t just great ambiance and emphasis on community, that I love though. The food is pretty darn good as well! They are known for their bakery as well as their brunch. They offer a huge assortment of French pastries, many of them using seasonal ingredients and flavors. With an emphasis on farm to table, they have a rotating seasonal menu, which ensures the ingredients are fresh and the food tasty. They also offer a great selection of food for those with dietary restrictions including gluten free bread, and a vegan croissant! I love how accepting they are! While everything is insanely tasty, their avocado toast just might be my favorite thing ever. Plus, if you dine in, they are served on the cutest of dishes. Chinoiserie designed dishes, and none are alike.

I would be remiss though if I did not coment on their coffee which is delicious! Again they mix seasonal drinks, with classic lattes, as well as some unique flavors that are their own concoction. I am a traditionalist though and am obsessed with their vanilla latte which truly is to die for. They use real vanilla bean and it is the perfect amount of sweetness. In what is a rarity for me, as I usually tend to be sold on a hot or cold drink depending on where I am getting my coffee, I adore both versions of this drink. Both are delicious and give me that caffeinated jolt I need. It also doesn’t hurt that they are served in the cutest mugs, both in store and to go!

Maman is a must!

Maman is truly the whole package and a gem in New York City and surrounding tristate. The food is delicious, the coffee incredible, and the ambiance uniquely, well, Maman. Whether I am ordering a vanilla latte or grabbing some lunch with a friend, Maman has become a regular part of my day and I adore the new memories I am creating there. And even better, I love that I get to share it with friends!

Have you been to Maman? Are you a fan of French Cafe’s? 

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