Wander Eats: The Butcher’s Daughter

“Only fools argue whether to eat meat or not. They don’t understand truth, nor do they meditate on it. Who can define what is meat and what is plant? Who knows where the sin lies, being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian?” ~ Guru Nanak

Healthy Eats

New York could be considered the foodie capital of the world. (sorry Paris) No matter what neighborhood you are in, there are thousands of restaurants, and good ones at that. Indian, high end Chinese, classic French, Tex Mex, and anything and everything in between. Of course you have the fast food chains that you would expect in a big city (heck we finally got a Taco Bell and a Taco Bell Cantina at that! I know a fellow blogger who is all over that!) New York literally has it all. It is the perfect place if you are looking for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or D) all of the above.


Despite being a big city, there are tons of restaurants that offer healthy organic options and many that are farm to table at that. Not going to lie it is almost a badge of honor to eat healthy, and as such, the New York restaurant biz is constantly generating new restaurants to get clientele who love to order Seamless in the door.


The Butcher’s Daughter

I mentioned the Butcher’s Daughter a couple months ago when I first went there and since then, it has fast become my new favorite restaurant worthy of its own post to sing its accolades.

The ambiance alone, won me over. It is the perfect Instagram worthy restaurant, with floor to ceiling windows, white washed brick, long wooden communal tables, as well as more personal booth seating. A bar that serves not just alcohol, but also juices, is also the perfect photo opportunity with stools at one end of the restaurant. Succulents adorn the walls and ceilings, making it feel like it is summer all year round.


It is a small eatery fitting MAYBE forty people. There are large communal tables outside, year round though only the brave and those owning snuggies dare eat there during the winter. They have even made the scaffolding encompassing their restaurant currently look cute and inviting with succulents hanging off the bars.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is a place that gets crowded quickly, and I understand why.


The Food

The food is out of this world. The menu isn’t necessarily extensive, but EVERYTHING on it  looks delicious. Everything is vegetarian, and most of the dishes are vegan and gluten free. Those that aren’t, are carefully noted, and substitutions are made available.


The first time I went there I had their plantain bowl which was delicious. Despite being there for dinner, I also had coffee, which for a restaurant (okay they do offer a variety of coffees, but STILL) was equally amazing. AND Instagram worthy.


After singing the praises of this restaurant, (as well as making her drool over the pictures I posted) I went there for lunch with my best friend. It was just as amazing as the last few times I have been there.

I have said it before, but my best friend and I ARE the same person.


We both started with mimosas. These are not your typical brunch mimosas. They offered some exotic combinations, like grapefruit and lavender, or pineapple and lime which is what I got. While I was hesitant about the pineapple (thank you twenty-first birthday) it actually wasn’t overly sweet and was quite yummy.


I am a sucker for good avocado toast and every time I have been at the Butcher’s Daughter it kept calling to me. I decided I had to get it and I am so glad I did! My friend ordered the vegan kale caesar salad, and we both got sunny side eggs on top of our meals (same person remember?) because as Mack can attest to, EVERYTHING is better with an egg on it.


It hit the spot, and guys I had to question whether the bread was ACTUALLY gluten free, it was THAT good.


Service is extremely prompt and attentive. They bring the food and drink out quickly, but they also didn’t rush us out, as Sarah and I hung out for several hours.


We ordered another round of mimosas, and finally Sarah and I were ready for dessert.

Everything on the menu was gluten free AND vegan, (including an ice cream sandwich!) which was music to my former pastry chef heart. After much deliberating, Sarah and I decided to share the tiramisu.


I LOVE tiramisu and not to brag, but I happen to make a really delicious one. (with white chocolate…Just sayin’) Being vegan and gluten free (which mine also is), this had a unique texture, different from the silky smooth of the non-vegan version.

It still melted in our mouths, and oh my lanta, the taste was right on point. Not to mention the presentation was beautiful.


Favorite Restaurant

The Butcher’s Daughter is my new favorite obsession restaurant. The food, ambiance, service, cleanliness, everything is so on fleek. (sorry had too) It is the perfect place to eat a scrumptious meal, catch up with friends, or even drink some coffee and get some work done.


Those with special dietary needs will love it. Not to mention anyone who loves to post a good foodie pic on Insta. (me!) This restaurant is such a hidden succulent oasis located amongst all the brick. My only complaint is I wish it was located closer to where I live!


Have you been to the Butcher’s Daughter? What is your favorite vegan restaurant? 

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11 thoughts on “Wander Eats: The Butcher’s Daughter

  1. okay HELL YES. I am loving this, 110% obsesed. The food looks delish, it looks healthy AND it’s perfect for all my vegan friends. I am LOVING your new website design by the way! <3

  2. Oh Kate you are tooo beautiful! I love the sound of this restaurant, it’s so interesting because the name would have you thinking it was the opposite of a vegan / veggie restaurant. So interesting. Honestly love the look of this place, definitely v v Instagram worthy for sure and the food looks yummy. I love how they have such a lot of vegan options here, I’d definitely visit here when I visit NYC. Thank you for sharing and introducing everyone to this wonderful restaurant, Kate!! xxx

  3. I’m super annoyed I can’t go here yet! There are so many places I have marked for when I eventually visit NY. You look gorgeous, love the jumper, and you’re super right about the place looking perfect for Instagram. xx

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