Wanderlust: Beachin’ It In My Parent’s Backyard

“There were times over the years when life was not easy, but if you’re working a few hours a day and you’ve got a good book to read, and you can go outside to the beach and dig for clams, you’re okay.” ~ Mary Oliver

Beach Dreamin’

While things are beginning to open back up, much to my everlasting sadness The beaches are STILL closed and might be closed for the foreseeable future. Even if they do re-open, we are encouraged to stay in our own states so going to Maine and or Nantucket seems all but a distant dream.


While I am mostly grateful to be quarantining with my fam, a part of me is lamenting the fact that I am not just stuck in the mountains, but landlocked without my beaches to keep me sane as well as give me their healing vibes I desperately need. I definitely realize that is a completely first world problem, and that I am incredibly lucky that I don’t have rent or any major expenses hanging over my head at the moment. If this had all happened even just a month later, I would have been in a new city starting a new job, and would definitely not be as financially solvent as I am right now. Everything DOES happen for a reason, even if it doesn’t;t make much sense at the time.


All that said, I do miss the beaches, warmth, and salt air. While I cannot get to the beach nor bring the salt air to me, nor has the weather been perfect, it has slowly but surely been getting warmer and I have been soaking up any and all sporadic seventy plus days I can. And they ARE becoming more frequent, slowly but surely. Alleluia!


Passing Down Childhood Memories

Growing up, my Mom would always buy kiddie pools for my siblings and I to play in when we couldn’t get to the lake or the ocean. It wasn’t perfect, but would cool us down on those ninety degree days. When my brother moved in with his kiddos last summer, my Mom bought a pool which they loved! In fact when it started to get warmer (all of forty degrees!) out, my nephews began asking when we would be putting the pool up again. I love that they have become such water kids! Their auntie is proud!


While the kids splashed and “swam” in the make shift pool last summer, playing with beach toys and having a blast, I would grab a lounge chair and do work or read while watching them. Heck on extremely hot days I would drag the chair over and dip my feet in. Anytime I am by water, even if it is just a kiddie pool, is a great day! And not gonna lie, I would even hop in from time to time with them!


Getting Creative

Despite living in the city, there was no shortage of “Sun Bathing” (responsibly of course) If I couldn’t get out to Coney Island or Rockaway Beach, I would head to Central Park multiple times a week for an hour or two to either study, get work done, or catch up on some reading. There was something so quintessential city about sunbathing in Central Park. Having grown up in the country, most people thought it was weird to rock a swimsuit when you weren’t by water, but it was something I very happily adapted too.


While it is still to cold for the pool and probably will be months ,(Okay June) I decided to make my own “beach” sans kiddie pool. I know some people might think it is cray-cray and while it isn’t perfect, (perfection being at the literal sea shore) I’ll take it. It is helping me soak up that Vitamin D, as well as get some fresh air outside. Also I can not really beat the fact I also have free WiFi.


DIY Beach

Recreating the “beach” is as easy as owning a beach towel or beach chair, or both and setting up somewhere relatively flat. My parents do have a huge yard, but I typically set up my “beach” in their drive way. (less bugs) I tend to be a bit of a high maintenance beach goer, so I alternate between a chair and a towel. Sunscreen is another must have essential. It is great to soak up the rays, but you want to protect your skin and not burn regardless of real or faux beaching it.


Entertainment is always a must, and I typically bring reading materials, or my laptop if I have to get work done. Hydration is also important, so I always grab my water bottle, coffee, (of course!) and I’ll even bring some snacks just like if I was going to the real beach. I’ll even put it all in my beach bag, so it is easy to carry, even if I am just going a couple feet. The bonus to “beaching’ it” in my parent’s yard? I don’t have to drive over an hour AND I don’t have to pay for gas. If I forget something or need the restroom I can just go inside, easy peasy. I even have a noise machine app on my phone, which I typically use for when I travel, but will put on so it even sounds like I am lounging by the beach!


I have enjoyed getting creative the last few weeks and creating my “beach.” It is a nice little oasis in the middle of the parking lot, and while the views aren’t the greatest, it feels a little bit like a reprieve and gives me a bit of the calmness and reflectiveness I get from the real beach, which in these times of the Corona, is a major win-win and a must until I can get to my happy place.


How are you holding up during quarantine and social distancing? What is something you are missing and have you tried to make your own Quarantine DIY? 

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  1. This so uplifting and inspirational! You are most creative! Love your enthusiasm for finding fun❤️!

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