Wanderlust Reviews: Shucked The Musical

“Family is telling people to go to hell and then hoping they get there safely.” ~ Shucked

A Hidden Gem 

In what is one of the biggest hidden gems of the Broadway/Tony season this year, is Shucked. Shucked truly is that hidden gem…or perhaps corn, hiding in a corn husk. And I know what you all are thinking because I thought the same thing. WHO wants to go see a show about corn?!?! WHO? Well friends, you want to see a show about corn because it is a hoot! I didn’t realize there were so many corny puns in the stratosphere. Or so many jokes. It literally is the break out of the season.

While it doesn’t appear like it would be entertaining or appeal to the masses. It does, and it will, friends, it will! While I didn’t think I would be a fan of the country and folksy music, it not only is it incredibly catchy, it is also quite powerful and meaningful, and I have been listening to the cast recording on repeat.

The Story

Not going to lie, Shucked is kinda hard to explain, and the producers prefer to keep it a mystery, an unsolved mystery. A small town is not only known for their corn, the corn has grown around it acting as a barrier to the outside world. Alas the corn begins to die and a small town girl, Maizy goes in search of how to save the corn. Again it doesn’t sound like anything you would want to go and watch, but friends you do. You REALLY do! Narrated by two storytellers Mazy finds herself in Tampa, and then back to Corn where she finds herself in a love triangle of sorts. The songs are Catchy and you do nothing but laugh. athe puns truly are aplenty. There are also twists galore, but if I told you I would have to shuck you. Seriously you will just have to take my word for it, because I would hate to spoil the fun you will have when you go and see it.

The Cast, Sets, and Songs

Shucked is filled with an endless abundance of talent, from the Storytellers who are hilarious, and not only can sing, but their comedic timing is utter perfection, to Andrew Durand who plays Beau and is one of Maizy’s love interests. He was an unexpected surprise and true star and performer channeling his inner cowboy, and belting out the ballad Somebody Will with a flawless country twang. Caroline Innerbichler was also a stand out as she her portrayal of Maizy gave an innocent, yet slightly naive charm, that was actually pretty endearing as she not only tried to fight for her small town, but also find herself, something we can all relate too.

Alas, I didn’t get to see Alex Newell who has been receiving all the accolades, as Maizy’s cousin Lulu, but her understudy Miki Abraham was phenomenal, her vocals truly are second to none and she handled the role like she had been doing it eight times a week. The chemistry she had with John Bellman who played Gordy was absolute hilarious perfection, with impeccable comedic timing.

Speaking of impeccable comedic timing, the true star of the show and the one who gave us all the laughs was Kevin Cahoon who played Peanut. He was hysterical and had an endless supply of jokes, that I am still chuckling about. He literally made the show. The set reminded me of Hamilton with its wooden scaffolding, and the simplicity worked with the theme of the show. There were so many catch songs, but one of my favorites was We Love Jesus which is not at all what you might think it is and is actually pretty hilarious.

My Opinion 

The way country meets Broadway is genuisly done and wholly enjoyable even if you are not one who can stand country music. Shucked is a darn good time and while not a traditional show in the Broadway sense of Carousel or even some of the big productions musicals like the Lion King or Wicked, it is a belly full of laughs for Broadway and will hopefully be on the Great White Way for many years to come. I know I for one can not wait to see it again, and again, and again, and I would even happily shuck some corn!

Have you seen Shucked? What did you think of it? 


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