Wanderlusting: A Quick Trip Home

“Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Last weekend, I flew home to New Hampshire for a quick trip. I had a doctor’s appointment and I was planning to finish up Christmas shopping as well as help my Mom wrap. Unfortunately, even the best intentioned plans can face plant.


My flight left in the afternoon after class. I was expecting lines to be crazy, but it only took me eleven minutes to get through security. It was ridiculously easy. With time to spare, I of course went to Starbucks and then camped out for a hot second, until my flight was called.


My Mom is the best!

After meeting me at the airport, we went to the mall to get our picture taken. Mommy Sutton has no shame sitting on Santa’s lap and it has become an annual tradition that I absolutely adore. Santa was on a cookie break, so we hung out in the Winter Wonderland they had created until it was time for our picture.


We even took some selfies. My Mom is so damn photogenic! I hope I look half as good as she does when I am her age.


Thursday morning I got my roots done with my amazing Hairstylist and friend, Andrea. She has been doing my hair since I was in diapers. (slight exaggeration) She always makes me look amazing. It was such a fun morning at her salon as she did my hair. We sipped coffee, had a gab fest and laughed a ridiculous amount. She not only knows hair and color, but she also has a huge heart and we always have the best time together.


After Andrea returned me to my blonde self, I went to Frontside for a much anticipated maple latte, and to get some work done. I also had a friend join me later and it was great to catch up!


In the evening I went over to my brother and sister-in-laws to spend time with them and my nephews and niece. They literally break my heart, and absolutely kill me with the things they say. We watched a movie played dress-up and some games, because auntie knows to win brownie points is to play Hungry Hungry Hippo.



I was nervously anticipating this day. I have written before about my back and shoulder issues and the whole reason for my trip home was I had an appointment with a new neurologist to test the nerves in my left elbow and hand.

I hate going to the doctor and typically only go if I am dying or in excruciating pain. This is an issue that has been going on since I was sixteen (joys of being a former figure skater) and the typical response is for doctors to give me an x-ray and thensend me to PT with no answers or cause when what I really need is an MRI.

Despite running late, I felt like I FINALLY got some answers and am on my way to finally getting this under control. It wasn’t the most pleasant of tests, he had to shock my nerves as well as insert needles. He quickly gauged my pain tolerance (which is quite high) and when all was done, agreed that I do in fact need an MRI. FINALLY!


Afterwards, exhausted but also filled with relief, my mom and I went to my favorite restaurant which was literally a block from the doctors office.


I love tacos and El Reyo has some of the best ones in Maine!


After lunch, I was exhausted and we headed home so I could chill and hang with my adorable niece, while her brothers and parents had a play date.



After stressing about my appointment and all the traveling I had been doing, my body screamed no more and I succumbed to the creeping crud. I did nothing on Saturday, except stay on the couch and watch Hallmark with Mommy Sutton as company.



I was feeling crappy, but I had promised my brother I would go hiking and did not want to disappoint him. We were hiking Willard which is an easy three mile hike.


Also miracles of miracles and something that made me happy was there was SNOW in the Notch!


Despite Willard always being an amazing hike, I just wanted to make it to the top without dying. Yet it did exceed expectation (I feel so Harry Potter!). Not only did I get to the top without dying (yay!) we did it in forty-five minutes which actually wasn’t horrible, especially since we had stopped at Centennial Pool, which FYI does NOT fit its name at all!


As always, it was stunning at the top and surprisingly warm.


We even made a new friend!


Of course we HAD to take a bunch of pictures.


And Even tried to get one with Frosty.


When we had our fill of pictures (yes it does happen!) we hiked back down.


The rest of the day was spent recuperating, and watching MORE Hallmark movies (They NEVER get old) because I definitely over did it. (Yes Mom, you DID tell me so!) At least I had a gorgeous tree to keep me company!



I flew back Monday, which was a blast…not. I didn’t even stop at Frontside for one last maple latte, THAT is how great I felt. I rejected coffee guys! You know I was almost dying if I rejected coffee! The flight was utter torture. I would rather take turbulence over my ear drums bursting any day and was so happy when we finally landed.


Thankfully I am (FINALLY!) feeling much better, and I am flying back in a week to spend Christmas and hopefully have a redo with wrapping and partaking in festivities with my family and friends.

Are you going home at all for the holidays? What do you do to get over the creeping crud? 

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22 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: A Quick Trip Home

  1. Aaw glad you’re better! When I get sick it lasts forever! Love the selfie of you and your mum and your after hair appointment shot, so pretty. At least you’re getting somwhere with your back and shoulder issues, I hope they can help soon xx

    1. Thanks beautiful lady! This has definitely been lingering. But SO much better! Awe thank you beauty! I love that my Mom takes selfies with me! 🙂 Awe thank you! So happy to be blonde again..Until my roots start growing! lol. 🙂 Thank you so much sweets for all the sweet words and encouragement! I am so psyched to finally be getting somewhere! I hope you are having an amazing day! <3

  2. Sounds like quite a trip home! I’m glad you got further along with trying to find the root of the problem with you back & shoulder pain.
    Your mom looks like such a sweet person! 🙂
    Hee, the snowman on the rocks looks so neat… I’d have it photobomb me any time.
    I’ve honestly NEVER heard of the term “creeping crud” before! I hope you’re feeling better now.

    1. Thanks beauty! It really was! And thank you! I am so relieved! I feel like I am finally getting answers!
      Awe thank you! This comment is seriously making my day! She really is! I am lucky to have her!
      It was so cute! The people who made it were brave because it is right on the edge of a drop off! lol.
      Hehe. My sister coined it. It covers all ranges of sickness! lol. Thank you so much hun! I am thankfully!
      Thank you so much for your sweet words and I hope you have an amazing day! <3

  3. Oh my god you poor thing – i just want to give you a big hug! Travel can take SUCH a toll on you (we just went to paris and I’m still feeling the aftereffects of bloody Toronto, which suckssss) and you had such jam-packed days that I can imagine your body was just like “listen, man….i need a break ;-;”. Although it sounds like you had an absolutely fantabulous (totally a word.) time and your mother (like you) is absolutely gorgeous. I’m so glad you’re finally getting that MRI you need!xx

    1. Awe I wil take that big hug and send you one also! Thanks sweets! It really can be! I love it, but if you don’t take care of yourself watch out! lol.
      Oh my gosh so jealous! I LOVE Paris! But huge hugs! I hope you feel better soon too!
      Haha it really was! and girl yassss! I LOVE that word! And I really did! Awe thank you so much! She really is! I hope I look half as good as she does at her age (probably kill me for posting this but she is 64! Yup 6-4! I hope her genes are strong in me! to sound like Yoda lol!) Thanks so much sweets I am so happy to be finally getting it! Huge hugs to yoU! I hope you have recovered from all your amazing trips! <3

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