Wanderlusting: A Taste of Jekyll and St. Simons

“The ocean is a central image. It is the symbolism of a great journey.” ~ Enya

Jekyll Island Christmas Light Display

We drove to Jekyll Island which was all decked out for the holidays. It really was an Island Christmas and I was loving the vibes! We were staying at the Westin which was crowded due to a military ball, but that did not stop the bellhops from being ridiculously nice to us. Rhiannon and I unpacked and settled in before deciding to venture out for some grub where we stumbled upon some epic light shows. All the Spanish moss trees were covered in Christmas tree lights causing a festive atmosphere. I fell in love. Island life and Christmas? YES PLEASE!


As I began Snap-chatting and Instagram-Storying I discovered that the Jekyll Island Light Show is in fact a real thing. They do it every year. If you are craving Santa in a bathing suit but still classy festive Christmas lights I recommend going here!


Early Mornings

Originally we were going to do sunrise, but both of us were exhausted and needed our beauty sleep.

I actually ended up doing an early morning work out which was gorgeous because I got to see the beautiful sunrise, as I worked out. It was utterly amazing! I would have no qualms working out if I got to do it the view I had every day!


St. Simons

Our next adventure was taking us to St. Simons. After getting ready, we decided to grab a quick breakfast there. We ate at a cute diner type restaurant filled with Southern vibes and delicacies, though I settled for a traditional southern styled omelet.


After our stomachs were satisfied we drove the couple minutes to St. Simon’s downtown to grab a latte.


While the food was delicious at the diner, they did not have lattes and hello basic girls do NOT drink black coffee! No shame admitting it peeps. No shame at all!


St. Simons downtown was adorable and we not only found an adorable shop, but quickly ditched the car so we could walk around.


The Palm Cafe was a restaurant, that also had a coffee bar. It was so stinking cute inside, the staff incredibly friendly and the lattes even better! Rhiannon’s even came with whipped cream!


The Beach

Caffeinated and energized once more, we walked through the town towards the beach. It was a truly gorgeous day. The wind that had been gusting on Tybee was non existent on St. Simons, and the Georgia heat I had been craving since I had flown down was in full force.


The tide was low so we were able to walk along the small beach.


I even dipped my toes in and let me tell you the water was much colder then I anticipated it would be!


In true Katannon fashion we snapped a bunch of pictures.


And even made a couple friends.


Of the non human kind.


Our next stop was the lighthouse which you could see from the beach.


St. Simons Island Light

Continuing my love affair with lighthouses we paid a visit to St Simons Island Light which had a vast campus comprised, of the historical society the lighthouse and gorgeously sculpted grounds.


The lighthouse was originally built in 1810 but was reconstructed in 1872 and stands at 105 feet with 129 steps.


Much like the lighthouse on Tybee, we could go in this one as well as explore the light keepers quarters.


Unlike Tybee, THIS one is purported to be haunted with the ghost of a former light keeper who was killed in a duel by the assistant light keeper. As the story goes, the ghost purported to harass a later light keeper’s dog, and even coast guardsman who did mechanical work on the tower said they heard footsteps on the stairs.


Unfortunately the ghost did not make his presence known when we went up to the top which was much less scary then Tybee’s thanks to the lack of wind. The Lighthouse is actually connected to the light keepers cottage so we only had to go through a corridor to enter the base of the house, which was creepy and cool.


Perhaps it was the ghost stories or the fact that this lighthouse has a very colorful history, but I enjoyed it immensely.


Exploring the Shops

After we explored the lighthouse, we decided to explore the town. Much like the shops on Tybee, St. Simons had a village of shops that reminded me of huts in the tropics. Many of them locally owned and handcrafted filled with goodies.


To add to my sweatshirt collection, I was on the haunt for one from St. Simons. I actually found one at a more touristy shop, but I have to say it is my favorite! I have been rocking it ever since I got it!


We also paid homage to our sweet tooth and went to the St. Simons Candy Shop which literally made our mouths water. Not to mention the assistant was from Maine originally and super sweet. (pun intended) I settled on a peanut butter bar, and a caramel and chocolate enrobed marshmallow which was incredibly delicious and filling!


We walked down to the pier to snap a few pictures and gaze at the beauty that was St Simons before heading back to Jekyll.


Have you ever been to St. Simons? What is your favorite island you have explored? 

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