Wanderlusting: A Weekend With my Best Friend Part 2

“There’s a quality of life in Maine which is this singular and unique. I think. It’s absolutely a world onto itself.” ~Jamie Wyeth

Sunday: Picture taking and MDI

I woke up early and after getting ready, Tiffany, her hubby, and I drove to a hidden inlet beach close to their house so I could take some Christmas card pictures for them. It was the cutest spot with a rocky beach, boats in the distance and houses resting on the cliff. Tiffany and Dakota are ultimate couple goals and I had a blast taking their pics, both more posed styled photos as well as some adorable candids. When they were done posing, Tiffany took some of me and after one last glance at another spectacular view of Maine’s Coast we headed back to the Island. 

Our destination was Bar Harbor, where a lot of the shops and restaurants are as well as the mot well known town on MDI. We were planning on eating at Paddy’s which is an Irish restaurant and hotel and such a fun unique place to eat at. Alas, due to COVID, they were no longer serving breakfast so we decided to hunt for another place. Nestled in the cutest alley we found a restaurant that sat atop the second floor with gorgeous views of Bar Harbor. It was equally delicious. They also had pumpkin coffee which I had to try.

Bellies satisfied, we checked out some shops. I wanted to buy my nephews and niece some souvenirs, and I also snagged a sherpa hoodie. We then grabbed more coffee because you can never have enough, before walking to the waterfront and taking ALL the pictures. The Island was beginning to get packed with tourists, and because of the long weekend, so we decided to get out of dodge and visit Bass Lighthouse.

Somesville Sound and Sea Glass Hunting

Unfortunately there was a long line to get in, so we went for what was at this point, Plan C. My one request when I visited her (besides the lighthouse) was to take pics at Somesville Bridge which also happens to be the most photographed bridge in Maine if not America. So we drove back to do that. The whole area around the foot bridge is one of the most gorgeous paces I have seen and it feels like you are stepping out of time into a different era. One with wide skirted ball gowns, corsets and carriages. Because it was fall, the colors were so incredibly vibrant and it truly was magical. The bonus, having just left one of the busiest places on the island, shockingly no one was there, so it felt even more special and magical. 

We took all the pictures, and I could have sat there for hours!

Afterwards, Tiffany wanted to take me to her favorite lunch spot, The Chart Room, which over looks the ocean and has a small beach. We sat out on the porch, which thankfully was enclosed because it was freezing, though they did have heaters. So we had ALL the views, while STILL being warm. I ordered the most delicious Caesar salad with scallops, and w drank some rosé even though it was fall. Hey, I was on Island Time, and holding on to those summer vibes after all!

After lunch, we decided to do some sea glass hunting. Tiffany has her own small business (yay bad-A women bosses!) called Sea La Vie. It is on Etsy and you can check it out here. She creates the most stunning, hand crafted nautical (see why we are besties?) themed designs. Everything from driftwood mirrors and wall art, to gorgeous jewelry made out of sea glass and sea pottery. SO sea glass hunting was the perfect activity to do for two mermaids. While Tiffany found all the sea glass, I just found one piece which in my opinion was the holy grail. It was a piece of sea pottery, with a white and blue design and it was the perfect souvenir for an amazing day and weekend.

Indian Point Blagden Preserve 

Sea glass hunting was fun, but it was also freezing so we decided to do some more exploring. We drove around Acadia, which was packed, so I pulled out trusty Google to look up places we could go, which hopefully were not crowded. I came across a spot called Blagden Point reserve which is well known for it’s wild life and seals. Ironically despite going to spots that are well known for seals sunning themselves, I had yet to see any on MDI, though I have seen plenty of seals (most famously in California) else where. Hopefully this would be the day that changed that!

It may or may not have been a weekend for scenes that reminded me of a horror movie slash spots that serial killer probably love because the reviews were not at all accurate to start with. While their was ample parking (which was surprisingly but gratefully very empty) the trail head was actually in front of someone’s garage, and their were houses across the street. It was not very well marked, and the reviews had said it was about a half mile walk, but it turned out to be more like a mile. Once we had started walking (me in heels!) we were committed and it was definitely an adventure.

One we were laughing hysterically and loudly over and we happened (okay I did) to scare a deer which thus scared the bejesus out of me as it crossed the trail in front of us. Alas, by the time I registered it was a deer and not a serial killer and I should take a picture it was already gone. The rest of our time there I kept hoping it would come back. Sadly it didn’t.

While it was an adventure we didn’t intend to take, it was so insanely beautiful, and once we reached the water front it did not disappoint. Well not completely! There were no seals, but it was peaceful. We sat on the rocks chatting and soaking up the rays before snapping so pics and heading home. O our way back I did see a squirrel that was more intent on eating his acorn, then being fearful of us. I half expected to see him follow us, but he didn’t. 

Saying Good Bye

Exhausted from our hike, and because I had to drive five hours back and Tiffany had to work the next day we called it an early night. For dinner we grabbed sushi, and watched a Christmas movie because it was October and we had too. We said our good-byes that night as I was planning on getting up super early so I could catch the sunrise. In fact Tiffany’s pup Winnie saw me out the next morning.

I ended up in a little town called Lincolnville which I had passed when I was driving to Tiff’s and it had the smallest beach with the prettiest view. As the sun came up their was also fog encasing the boats and it legit gave me all the feels. It was also FREEZING. So afterwards I drove back through Camden where I stopped at a local coffee shop called Zoots before finally heading home.

It was literally the most perfect of weekends from the people, to the confidence of driving (I hate driving) to exploring new sites and reconnecting. I can not even put into words how much fun I had and what this trip meant to me. In a year where I didn’t travel at all, going back to a place I love, with people I love and who mean the world to me even more, it was so needed! It was the perfect respite and I am so so thankful for the hospitality and friendship of my Mertwin! 

Have you ever been to Mount Desert Island? What is your favorite place to reconnect with nature?

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  1. MDI is so gorgeous and your pictures are amazing! We spent part of our honeymoon there, sunrises on Cadillac and sunsets at Bass Harbor! 💙

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