Wanderlusting: A Weekend With my Best Friend Part One

“Maine is a joy in the summer. But the soul of Maine is more apparent in the winter.” ~ Paul Theroux

Saturday Morning Sunrises

I woke up early Saturday, before the sunrise, filled with excitement and a very happy heart. It was the second day in a row that I had a reason (and not just doing it because screw pandemic life) to be fashionable AND do my make-up. And not going to lie I definitely missed it! My friend lived about an hour and fifteen from the hotel, and I was meeting her at eight. We are both early birds, not to mention we wanted to optimize the max time we could together and it WAS a jam packed weekend!

Once I was ready and loaded the car back up, I was on my way. Admittedly I may or may not have gotten lost, but I quickly found my way. It was a STUNNING drive. I had the sun rising with me the whole time, and I made notes for my drive back! If I wasn’t meeting my friend, I definitely would have stopped. It was so picturesque and serene. I felt so much peace driving, and I NEVER feel peace driving! The only “Oh Shizzle!” Moment came when I realized I had to drive over the Penobscot Narrows Bridge. If you have been around for awhile you may or may not remember THIS adventure. I definitely had PTSD as I was driving over it. 

Reunited and Hungry!

But I made it! And Tiff and I had an epic reunion and when I say epic, we screamed and squeezed and hugged and screamed some more! Her dog Winnie even got in on the action, because of course she couldn’t be left out. I dropped my things off at her place and we got in the car this time with my Mertwin graciously driving and we made our way into Southwest Harbor which is on MDI. I talked about Southwest Harbor oh so many years ago. It literally is one of my favorite places on MDI and is sadly much more underrated compared to the more touristy Bar Harbor…But maybe that is a good thing!

We decided to eat at one of MY AND Tiffany’s (she did introduce me after all) favorite breakfast places called Eat-A-Pita. When I visit her, I have to eat there at least once. Not only is the ambiance perfection, but the food is amazing, as is their coffee! I feel like I always get the rancheros, but they cook it to perfection, and their coffee is some of the best on the island. They had patio dining, but it was a tad chilly that early in the morning so we sat inside which is equally as cute.

Bangor and Timber

Afterwards, bellies full and after ALL the gabbing, we headed to Bangor because we were getting massages, which were SO needed! I was so excited because I hadn’t had a massage since my trip to New York a year ago Andy body was feeling it. We were early so Tiffany showed me the house that she and her husband bought and are renting out. Since at the time, they hadn’t closed, I couldn’t go in, but I cannot wait to go back and see the inside, because the facade is stunning. It is a true Victorian Mansion and has all the charm as well. After we drove past her house, we made a detour to a more famous and definitely way creepier house, Stephen Kings. It sounds stalkers, but it is actually in Google Maps, and there were people standing outside the (again creepy) gates taking pictures. It was definitely a story. We grabbed coffee and then it was time for our massages. They were good, and the masseuses were friendly, but the touch could have been harder and I just miss my Eastern Medicine Doctor’s practice. I don’t think ANYBODY compares to them on the Upper East Side. 

Despite the massage not being what I am use to, I was pretty blissed out. If for anything else, it calmed and centered me which I definitely needed. Hungry, we went to one of my favorite restaurants, which I have also talked about at length on here as well as here.

Timber is not just one of the BEST restaurants in Maine, but is one of my favorite restaurants period out of any place I have eaten in the world. Yes. I said the world! It is so frickin delicious! (and now I am hungry again!) I recommend it to everyone who goes to Bangor. I feel like we get the same thing every time, butternut bisque, and flatbreads, but it is so good that I can’t help it. There is never a bad meal there! 

A night in

Afterwards, in steadfast food coma, we drove back to Tiff’s house for a night in. We watched Eurovision, which was hilarious. (and I may or may not have downloaded the soundtrack) I didn’t think the night could get any funnier, but it did. My entwine and her husband decided to teach me how to use their Occulus which is a Virtual Reality gaming set, which legit was a trip in a half. We played the game Beat Saber which kind of gave me Star Wars meets a dance off. Guys it was the funniest thing. I shared videos on Instagram, that Tiffany graciously took without my knowledge. I have a tendency to be super competitive, and when I am concentrating I get what I call my Russian Skater Look (super thin pursed lips, alot of skaters have them when they are concentrating) and Tiff and her hubby were dead. Not gong to lie, I kinda sucked at, but it was also super addictive and a major work out. I by the end I was exhausted. But it was so much fun!

Have you been to Bangor? Have you played The Oculus

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