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Wanderlusting: Apple Picking Take Two at Pietree

“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.” Samuel Butler

Apple Picking Take Two

Hello friends! I did not think I would get to go apple picking, not to mention go TWICE this year! But that is exactly what happened! After being quarantined for a week (not covid, but a really bad ear and sinus infection and I did not want to get anyone sick) I drove back to New Hampshire super early (4 AM wake-up calls to miss city traffic are brutal!) to have my brother ask me if I want to go apple picking and do the Fryeburg Fair with him, his kiddos, and our madre. Well I couldn’t say no, so I drank all the caffeine and I rallied!

Pietree Orchard

Pietree Orchard in Sweden, Maine is another Orchard I have been going to for years! It is about a thirty minute drive from my parent’s house, but this time of year it is an absolute stunning drive with the foliage. It is owned by Stephen King’s family (yes THAT Stephen King), and they grow over fifty different types of apples! They have a small market where they sell pies, cider donuts, cider and a small selection of produce. They also have a wood brick oven where can order pizza, including gluten free!

It is such a fun spot and really showcases the beauty in New England! Even when I lived in New York, I would come back in the fall and we would go apple picking here. The kiddos absolutely love it! I went last year with my Mom and we had a girls morning apple picking and then we baked in the afternoon. Nothing is better then homemade applesauce and apple crisp!

Orchard Fun

Because it was Fryeburg Fair week, the kiddos were off on Friday so we got up and went early to avoid the traffic. It was actually very quiet there as most people were at the fair, but it made it even better as we had the sprawling orchards to ourselves. Unlike when I went apple picking at Wright’s Farm a couple weeks back, I got a bag of apples for myself as I was going to make apple crisp for Thanksgiving. We checked in at the farm stand, grabbed our bags, and headed to the orchards.

It was a hunt for who could find the best apples and my one nephew was incredibly meticulous about the ones he was picking! They had to be bright red and shiny! I just wanted ones that would bake well! My Mom even got in on the action, picking apples! We of course took lots of pictures and ate even more apples! What is apple picking without eating apples? We then went back to the farm stand for an early lunch where we got pizza, cider, and cider donuts. Pietree has some of the best apple cider hands down! And that included the cider mil I use to work at when I was in high school! It was such a fun morning, but it wasn’t over yet!

What is your favorite fall activity to do? 

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