Wanderlusting: Apple Picking

“Autumn wins you best by this its mute appeal to sympathy for its decay.” ~ Robert Browning

Hudson Valley

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was lucky to do ALL the farm things this fall. I was especially blessed, because I got to go apple picking TWICE! On the verge of gushing, (which I am) I am also lucky to live only a couple hours from the Hudson Valley.


While it isn’t New Hampshire, the Hudson Valley has its own beauty and it shines during the fall, when the leaves change, and the farms have their harvests.


The Hudson Valley has become an attraction, especially for those in the city who crave some escape from the hubbub, and how like myself need some nature to help sow and renew the creative juices.


Dubois Farm

The first farm I went to this fall is an annual tradition with my sister and her family each year. I have written about the farm in past posts. Dubois farm has everything. From apple orchards, to pumpkin patches, to animals to corn mazes, to a brewery, to pick-your-own produce, this farm has everything.


It is a great place for kids, as there is so much to do and it is always busy. Despite the crowds, I still feel at peace when I go here. The sixty-nine acre farm is sprawling, and landscaped beautifully with orchards and hills.


I hoped on a train to Poughkeepsie where my sister picked me up and we then drove to Dubois. It turned out to be a gorgeous day. While it started out overcast, the sun broke through and it was sunny and hot.


This year I was unable to pick apples for myself, because I was going to Texas. I still had fun though. Snapping pictures, picking some apples for them, and just enjoying being out in nature.


Once we had filled their bags, we decided to do the corn maze, which is huge. We then went to the general store and picked up some goodies before heading back to their house for dinner before I had to jump back on the train.


Wright Farm

When my cousin asked if I wanted to go to Wright’s farm when I got back from Texas, I jumped at the chance. I had been there a couple years ago with them and had even blogged about it.


Despite the hundreds of farms in the area, not many are dog friendly. Wright’s is, which makes it the perfect pace to go with my cousin’s pups. (who aren’t really puppies any longer but certainly act like it)


While Dubois had been a gorgeous and warm day, Wright’s was the complete opposite. I meant my cousin on the Upper Westside and as the designated caffeine dealer, grabbed her and her husband coffee, before we drove to the farm about two hours outside the city.


It was pouring. I ended up calling them to make sure they were still open and they were! It was definitely the shortest, rainiest apple picking experience of my life.


We stopped at their huge general store to grab bags, before we drove up to the fields and parked. We were the only ones there. (wonder why)


While we had umbrellas we still got soaked. That didn’t stop us from grabbing apples, some of which were the biggest I had ever seen! I even found an apple on the ground that reminded me of the one from Saw White. It was so red!


The rain didn’t stop us from taking pictures. Personally I think the umbrellas just added to the ambience of the photos.


Probably winning the award for worlds shortest apple picking excursion, we had just started to drive away when the rain stopped and the sun started coming out. It figured, but at least it did make for a great story!


Did you go apple picking? What do you make with the apples? What is your favorite apple dish? 


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8 thoughts on “Wanderlusting: Apple Picking

  1. What do you mean “I was unable to pick apples for myself because I was going to Texas”?! No pie fillings or cider in the fridge for you? Let me know the next time this happens and I’ll send you some recipes to preserve the apple-y goodness. 🙂 Wonderful photos as usual! xx

  2. I have never been apple picking before! Can we go?! I think you’d be the perfect person to show me ❤️ These pictures are soo gorgeous 😍 you are an apple picking fall Queen Kate! Xxx

  3. Lovely photos and story. What did you do with those apples?? I missed picking apples. I had 2 apple trees in my old house previously which give me abundant of fruits:)

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